2008 Honda Accord & Toyota Corolla here

2008 Honda Accord & Toyota Corolla here


We went to the UAE launch of the 2008 Honda Accord yesterday, as well as the launch of the 2008 Toyota Corolla today. Yep, these long-awaited cars have finally hit Arabian shores.


The 2008 Honda Accord will come in various trim levels and two engine choices, but the big news is that it will be sold as a sedan as well as a coupe. Engines include a 178 hp 2.4-litre inline-4 and a 271 hp 3.5-litre V6. Only the basic 2.4 model has a 5-speed manual, while the higher 2.4 and 3.5 models all have a 5-speed automatic. The 3.5 coupe will also have a 6-speed manual option. The Japanese-built sedan is out now, while the American-built coupe will show up in showrooms a little later. The sedan is said to be larger than a Camry, and features a futuristic interior clad in either cloth or leather. We expect prices to be between Dhs 70,000 and Dhs 100,000.



The 2008 Toyota Corolla comes in sedan form only, with various trims and a two inline-4 engine choices. Available with either a 107 hp 1.6-litre or a 130 hp 1.8-litre, both can be had with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. The new Japanese-built model is longer and wider, with a sharp interior available with either cloth or leather, 15-inch or 16-inch rims, and options like DVD screen, side airbags, cruise control, Bluetooth and automatic climate control. The cars even have four-wheel disc brakes as standard now, but ABS is optional. The 1.6 starts at Dhs 52,000 while the 1.8 starts at Dhs 55,000.


What do you think?



  1. Accord 271 hp 3.5-litre is a gross value as in http://www.accord08.com

  2. Author

    Trust my numbers.

  3. i hop mor infrmtion about crolla 2008

  4. cant wait for the v6 2 arrive here. i think i’ll have 2 wait 2 more months????

  5. whats your opinion assassin about the new toyota corolla.
    which one is better infiniti G35 or toyota corolla 😆
    even you dont believe what mr mash has posted.
    looool. just can you tell me whats your major?????? to be sure ya3ne. :mrgreen:
    you want all of the cars to be the worst when you compare them to toyota corolla. mash, lets make the hp of the accord less than 130 to make assassin satisfied. 😀 even the v6 engine. this is a fact, toyota has noting to do (incase of power) with honda and nissan. this is my opinion and everyone has his owo one. and with out the difference in opinions there will be nothing called bussiness. and just to make sure again(power not reliability).

  6. honda accord also launched in doha qatar yesterday… very beautiful and hot car.
    but i m intrested in altima 2008 😀

  7. i didnt say accord is bad, its even A7LA (better) than altima 3.5.
    and also i hate toyota, but Prado 4.0 3-doors got enough power to beat many v6 cars and in same time enjoy crossing desert. i know its not stabile like fx35.

  8. what is your opinion thatsit(mohamad). just give me any 4*4 car that has both abitities (street and Desert). and dont say Touareg, because it is worse offroader than even a 66500 dhs Mitsubishi Nativa 2008.

  9. who told you its better than the altima. the altima has many specs that you cant see in any other car in its class. 😀 and as you said. the prdo is really a nice car and really i dont hate toyota, but what makes me mad is that people started to compare it with even mercedes and BMW. even the case of lux. and that is not true. people are talking about toyota like its the god of cars. and no body is thinking rationally.
    and thats why there is a maket for cars. let me tell you some thing: if we are going to talk about prado in case of reliability(i cant say any ngative idea about it). and if you want to talk about the desert bashing thing. there are many japanese cars that are better then prado(because most of them are vry light and the wheels are big(thickness))but that doesnt make the prado very bad, espically the 3 doors one, but what about the 5doors why you forgot it (and its called prado)?? 😉 (when you want to comment on a car, compare or mention alll the trims)and you can see that in the buying guide that mr Mash post. maybe you like the car because its good in the road and the desert, and form your way of writing it seems that you are doing bashing too much thats why this car fits you. but this is not the god of the 4*4 cars. and as you said it can beat many cars BUT, not ALL of them :mrgreen: . and in case of giving an example. let me comment on the touareg(although i dont have a touareg). you are saying its worse than a whatever 665000 car.
    ok, lets start thinking rational, in case of street driving. what is the cap. of the prado v6 and the touareg v6 and what is the horse power that every engine is giving, second what is the fuel cons. for every one. lets include what is the time to acc. from 0-100, and whats the top speed of each car(although it doesnot matter) .you will notes that the touareg is better in every thing except as i think the acc.(i dont know the prado 3 doors how long). and after that which one is more lux. which one is more stable at high speeds for example. and if you want to talk about the price. you are right the touareg is more expensive than the prado but with howmuch. about 35000 DHS,OK, what do you think is the reason. for sure you know and every one knows. now lets move to the offroader thing. you said its worse than a nativa. unfort. you are right. but why????.
    lets start with the tires(prado is better,even the tires of the touareg are not for offroad thing as i think). now the most important thing is the weight (in engineering, the weight controls and affects many things more than you think). for example: your point the offroader ability and the previous point (beating othr v6 compits as you said) but whats the weight of prado when you compare it with the heavy touareg. and to let you know most german cars have a much better technology more than the japanese(in offroading thing). but for example (porsche cayenne weights about 2.3 tons), and i hope you can understand why its worse than prado in offroading. that why the luck is not on the side of these german suvs in case of offroading. 😥 and again, some people doesnt care about the offroading thing. infact as Cb said before who is going to buy a car that costs more than 200k and take it offroading,except those who have alot. this is the way you compare the cars, not by beating and offroading only (you have to take in consideration every specs). and what i wrote is nothing this is just a sample. 🙂 yalla i know that i wrote too much, but maybe for the benefit of some people.
    note: any mistakes in spell because i was in hurry(sorry 😳 )

  10. The new accord coupe is simply spectacular!! The looks are seriously fabulous and the specs are very impressive, the interior seems like heaven..
    It’s my current dream car, a black V6 Accord Coupe with black leather interior and manual transmission 😆 .
    It’s good value for money too. I mean a fully-loaded V6 costs around $30 k in the US so I think it’d a little more in the Middle East.
    What makes my dream unattainable is that currently I live in Egypt and due to excessive taxing it’d cost nearly $70 K !!! Isn’t that just ridiculous. Why would I have to pay more than the actual price for taxes 😕

    As for thatsit and assasin arguement, I’m sorry to intrude but come one are you really comparing the Touareg with the Prado!! Hands down the Touareg is better 😉
    One more thing, why would I care that much about off-road ability? Believe me if I had all the money in the world and I wanted to buy an SUV I’d probably get an FX45 (not the 35) OR a 4.8 X5. They’re both sporty they both look great and both go from 0-100 in less than 7 seconds. And IF and only IF I wanted something good off-road as well I’d immedialtely go for their Big Daddy the Range Rover 😎

    At last, I want to salute thatsit(mohamad) for the good point he made about people regarding Toyota as a luxury car. Are you kidding me people?? 😯 Toyota means only 2 things: reliable and affordable and that’s all. Yeah I admit it, Toyotas have legendary all-time reliability and they don’t cost alot but that’s just about it. Even the Avalon is not luxurious. Only the new Land Cruise might break the rule and that’s because it’s gonna cost a hefty sum of money.
    Anyway, I really hate the fact that everybody is considering Toyota the best there is. With all due respect, that’s ludicrous. For examply, my dad genuinely believes that Land Cruiser is the best SUV out there and also believes the Camry is better than a VW Passat or a Volvo S60!!!
    People once and for all, the best cars are Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, and Jaguar. Those are the five most established luxury automakers in the world (alongside Porshce which is regarded as sport car rather than luxury).

    P.S: I just want to ask you all and particularly Mr. Chowdry this question, how much does a 3-door fully-loaded VW GTI 2.0T cost in the UAE ?? and by fully-loaded I mean 17-inch alloy wheels, leather interior, chrome side mirrors, iPod adaptor, power sunroof, automatic AC, Bi-xenon headlights, and manual transmission. And also what do you think of it as a sport car?

    I’m awfully orry for writing so much but this is my first comment ever and I really had to let all this out :mrgreen:

  11. Thanks, for this 10000 words paragrah.

    you are saying touareg is heavy so its not perfect offroader! that’s a wrong thinking. let’s compare between Patrol and Armada, Patrol is heavier than Armada but patrol 6 cylender in-line we can call it (the king of the desert) and the lighter (Armada) even with 5.6 engine is slower than patrol in tha sandy area, or even in when you are going above the street bridge or climbing street moutaint like when you are going from Sharjah to Kalba tne new street. and this is the wrong in touareg, loose much power when you accross the street bridge.
    and please dont say again most german cars better technology more than the japanese(in offroading thing). just tell me what is the better tech they are using bad tyres, unhelpfull low gear and stupid tiptronic gea :lol:. well maybe german cars is good crossing mud, rocks just good in there country, but not sand like Arabian Gulf
    What i am tring to say you can’t read about SUVs, you have to test it. for example Suzuki Grand Vitara 4-sylinder 2.0 is better offroader than Grand Vitara 2.7 V6 which something no body in the world can believe is just who test both cars . Also the new rav4 2.4 is worse than the old Rav 2.0

    Finaly, every local families have a farm in the middle of the desent, so don’t try to argue with local about 4*4 cars even if she was a girl.

  12. as that prove that you still didnt understand my point of view. you are not looking at the general idea. why the armada is worse than the patrol in the offroading thing(now you under stand the weight but you forgot the suspension issue) that means that you even made a choise with out thinking. what is the type of the suspension of the armada and the patrol. another question. why the new pathfinder is worse than the prado and even the old one(because nowadays they dont care about the offroading ability thats is needed to cross hude or diffecult dunes) they now started to care about comfort thats whay they are using the multi link suspention which is not good for the dune bashing but for street. thats why what you said is correct (although after your comments am sure you dont know what is the reason) why the old rav is better then the new one. and thats one reason why the armada is worse than the patro. another reason is the length of the car and the wheel base (which is very important). thats why its not better than the patrol. and you never know any thing about the german cars. and even you dont know any thing about cars. and let me tell you some thing reading is much important as exxperements. and you dont argue with an engineer about any thing that is related to engineering (even if you are from mars not local). and i will continue later, i have a class. and my assumbtion was coorect that you are local. and you said it at the end(what i said and sweared about it was right(FJ cruiser you remeber 😈 ) you are local and you are a boy) he 😎

  13. you said (multi link suspention which is not good for the dune bashing but for street), but FJ-cruiser fixed with this multi link suspention. 😆

  14. ok, what about the ride hight, what about the other things, you keep consentrating on one thing. which means you didnt understand my point. :mrgreen:

  15. habebe. at the end, i want to say that not because the car is toyota landcruiser or nissan patrol that means its a good car.the germans are the ones who are responsible for many car inventions, and that doesnt make the japanese idiots. no, they also have many new ideas. but who is the one who is offering the technology on his cars (the germans). what you see now in the land cruiser or even nissan or hoda. its in mers. and bmw since at least 5 years. i have a nissan sunny. which is a small car and the engine is like 1/4 of the land cruiser. and from your way of looking at them you think that the big will win but thats not true.and that makes me laugh when i used to drive on one of the high ways and a landcruiser come from the back and keeps giving me dims although i know that i can follow him and kick his a***. building a cars now adays is not an easy thing. i have a senior project for building a small aircraft and really its very hard. and you have to know that before making dicision you have to know what are the effects on the building process.
    you cant measure the cars with the Hp only or with the torque or with the acc. or with the weight(its a car, its called a car not an engine). 😐
    i respect the japanese companies, i have a nissan sunny, my brother has the 2005 altima, and my father bought the 2008 altima, and they are really perfect. but when you compare it with the garmans (mers. or BMW) you will see the difference. and when we choose those cars, not because i heared they are good, because i knew they are the best. although my father used to drive the toyota cresseda 1988 and it was the best. but the time passes and every thing changes. in my opinion toyota now a days are selling most of their cars because many people like toyota as a brand and they make it like a god. but no, even the hyndai become better that before. and most of cars companies are becoming bettre but the business is business. and thats i keeps raeding about cars, this is a study not a hoppy. 😉

  16. there is no German car bulid to be used it in Arabian Gulf (in the summer). i know many people who have these cars after useing here for 4 years complain of the engine-oil leak which can not be fixed only if you bring the engine down and then change the rubbers inside this work even the dealer workshop cant fix it like before.

    and the worset car i’ve ever driven is nissan sunny. i advice you to sell it right now, because the road noise and viporation in 120 km/h will damage the rest of your mind.

  17. man, it looks like you drove all cars, what about ferrari, tell me your opinion. let me tell you why your engine leaks because you people never respect something called cars(you always drove it careless), and to answer you, why do you see many poor guys espically the(zalamaat) as local people call them driving 1986 BMW cars till now, even my cousin he has a 5series BMW 1988 car, and it is working in a good way, but the problem is not with the car, its with the (DRIVER).
    and about the nissan sunny. iam a poor guy, and the sunny fits me as your prado that i hate fits you. i did about 60000 KM till now and am paying for service and petrol,even i forgot how the shape of the engine looks like. because the dealer is resposible of it. and i’ve never felt those vibrations,but i can say at high speeds you feel some road noise. since iam taking care of it and i never drive in a careless way then the car is OK,(when i did the 60000 KM service they told me even that i have a small scratch in one of the belts and i can change it after the next servic). and thats ok.you people drive the car like it is an animal, thats why it does not live too much (except the tyota PRADO, loooooooooooooool 😆 ). you have your opinion and i have my own. :mrgreen:

  18. look how you treat your cars
    its a 750 that weights about 3 tones and they distroyed it (walla haram its about 300k) 😡 .
    and you are complaining that german cars doesnt live too much.

  19. after seeing this vedio, i hate German cars more than before. even toyota camry is more stable than 750li in drifting 😆

    i have 2003 honda civic right now, and i booked nissan patrol, next month will arrive. Please, just give me your opinian about Nissan Patrol

  20. and i saw American real show police chasng in tv. a 2 men stole 2 different mercedes s class they were willing to cross mexico. the first mercedes burned after a while of chasind and then the second one burned and exploded. after that, the police officer sayed german cars is not builed to be driven in hot weather for a long time like our cars (he ment caprice and crown vitoria.

    and i am sure the lexus is the most comfortable car. we have a ES300 since 2003, if you ride it even in rear seat, you will say this car is not have a tires to make a road noise its flying.

  21. you understood the video even wrong 😆 , the driver was lucky that the car didnt flip and that was the reason for this accident, you want to see how camry is vry stable, ok, watch this one(looooooooooool 😆 ),
    and this (becarful its the new one and look how because of the safty they are for sure still alive)
    about the patrol its very strong and much better incase of the (engine) than landcruiser, BUT that does not make the land weak, no even the land is very strong, but since you love beating the others, then the nissan is good for you, but those cars consumes oil too much, congratulation for your new car. 😉 and the americans hate all kind of car manufactuerers, because the worst cars here in this country are the americans, but the only good thing is that as you said it can handel the high temperature in this country. :mrgreen:

  22. I just hope that the toyota corolla loses its market share because of this boring and staid design for the 2008 model…

    compare the corolla with the lancer and civic and the corolla comes last!!!

  23. I think i saw this corrola before. it is may be the old american version

  24. also i hate Altima because it is American. so, i think Accord is better than Altima

  25. the one who is saying its american is wrong
    the assembly thing is american
    even the cap of the brake fluid resorvuar has japanese writings.
    and what about the camry, what about the honda what about the hyndai.
    if what you said is correct no one of these cars are made in its origin country. many cars now adays are made(assembeled) in america. and the one who is saying the toyota is japanese or honda is wrong. :neutral:. the gtr was tested and assembeled in germany as i think, then we have to say its germany car, and thats nice, loooool :mrgreen:

  26. who told you that japaniese cars assembeled in usa or austalia are good.
    For example, the old 100% made in japan 1993 camry 3.0 rwd M/T (which my brother had it) was perfect, it has the benefit of the gs300 nowadays.
    also, no one sayd the new pathfinder is better than the old one.

  27. how much the pricefor 2008 corolla 1.8 xli in UAE.

  28. tell me whats the relation of the assembly thing with the best car, its called assembly not building or designing, if you want to know the history and the reason for building the altima go and check the wekipedia website and search for the altima. 😐

  29. when toyota new shape is going to be launched in pakistan

  30. toyota front is excelent but back is not impressive.further it will only hit in pakistan if it comes soon and in reasonable price.

  31. the all new honda accord is prity but i think the gear will give problem after 😥 bcoz all accords have the same problem after some years
    and the toyota corolla is the last in shape now and thats y its cheep
    and the nissan altima and the mitsubishi lancer are the best in U.A.E
    nissan altima starting from 75,000 dhs
    toyota corolla starting from 55,000 dhs
    mitsubishi lancer 50,000 dhs
    honda accord 75,000 dhs

  32. price of toyota in pakistan should be same as in uae ie dhs 50000 to 55000.it should not be more than this.then it will be super hit in pakistan.because pakistanis love toyota.

  33. For me, the Toyota Corolla has the best features, styling and bang for the back sedan.

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