Ford Falcon to power into Australia

Ford Falcon to power into Australia


Ford has redesigned their Australian-only Falcon, calling it the FG series. While it looks great, it really looks like more of a minor update on an outdated car. But with rear-wheel-drive and insanely powerful engine, who cares.

The cars will debut at the 2008 Melbourne Auto Show soon. Shown above is the FPV model by Ford Performance Vehicles. Powered by a turbo V6 or a V8 with as-of-yet unknown specs. Features include manual or automatic gearboxes, 19-inch rims, Brembo brakes and the weird-yet-aggressive bodykit.

As for the standard FG Falcon offerings, there are sedan and ute pickup body styles, in both basic and sporting trims. Engines include a 261 hp 4.0-litre inline-6, a 209 hp 4.0-litre gas-powered inline-6, an amazing 362 hp 4.0-litre turbo inline-6 and a beefy 388 hp 5.4-litre V8. Trannies include six-speed manuals and four/five-speed automatics. And all that’s just on the standard models. The FPV models will be even more aggressive.


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  1. There you go , proper aussie muscle . Heaps better than anything Ford europe or america can muster up ( 500, taurus and mondeo) . A nice big v8 driving the rear wheels is what you need .

    There is so much fan fare goin on in sydney at the moment for this car . Front page headlines , interviews with designers on prime time TV etc

    Think they should export it to middle east to compete head to head with the other big aussie v8 , the lumina ss or csv’s. Both the stuff of legends.

  2. yeah, HSV are the only real australian muscle cars

  3. 😕 Im confused at how you think this is the slightest bit australian, the only thing aussie on it is the name behind it “falcon”. the CEO even said at MMS when it was ‘unvailed’, it was 80% imported materials fro mthailand including some outsourced running gear from malasia. I was a supporter until this model, big big dissapointment. Theyre sposed to do better hten the VE, however when I test drove a G6E it felt cheap and drove like a AU … not at all what was expected for a recovery from a holden bashing.

  4. think this is a BMW beater… 🙄

  5. It looks to much like a four door Mustang, V8, standard shift, rear drive, awesome, but the pick up version is butt-ugly. Hope they don’t come out with a Tdiesel version, that would suck.
    I’ve always enjoyed aussie cars, and thisone could be another hit. Good going, guys!!

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