Most expensive plate record in Abu Dhabi

Most expensive plate record in Abu Dhabi


The Abu Dhabi numberplate auction held on February 16 has set a new world record for selling the most expensive numberplate ever auctioned. Organised by Emirates Auction in association with Abu Dhabi police, the Code 5 plate numbered “1” fetched Dhs 52.2 million. That’s about US$14.4 million for a numberplate. The plate is expected to adorn a luxury car that only costs a fraction of that amount.

The record is recognised by the Guiness Book of World Records, and funds from the proceedings will go towards building a world-class rehabilitation centre in Abu Dhabi for accident victims. Interestingly, a recent news article state this country doesn’t even have such a proper facility yet. There is apparently one at Rashid Hospital in Dubai, but everyone knows how that place operates.

The winner of the auction is Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri, if you were planning to bug the man for some cash for your own “charity” purposes.

The auction attracted 750 participants, and generated a record Dhs 89 million, or US$24.3 million, from the sale of 90 number plates. The youngest participant was 10 years old, bidding for his father. It’s never too early to start learning about the value of money.

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  1. thats really cool, i wonder in which car this number will be seen??? :mrgreen:

  2. Mazda v-tec?? Mash, you really show your photoshopping skills here.

  3. loooooooooooool
    really i didnt notice that 😆 😆 😆

  4. WooWW…a mazda 323 whch is as old as me having tat number plate..hehe..good one Mash 😉 …

    but guyz, i’ve seen a Nissan Sunny 1.6 SG, with a 3 digit number plate bearing a ‘B’ code!!..tat was sorta surprising!

  5. whoa! never see much of those! 😐

  6. but ain’t tat a unique combi?? ;)…a 40K car with a number plate almost double the cost of the car..hehe 😀 ..

  7. has anyone come across a toyota corolla (2005 or 2006) with a 2 digit number plate? probably the owner could start a car rental company with 100 corollas if he sold his number plate 😆

  8. corolla wid a 2-digit number plate??????? 😯 😯 tatz an insane combination man!! dont temme u hav seen one! i’ve seen a lotta amateur local kids showin off in their heavily tinted black corolla GLi’s wid bright xenonz ‘n’ flashy stickers on.. and sumtimes, evn body kits for tat more aggressive looks!!..but a 2-digit number plate for tat kinda car is insane!! but thn for those who hav millions to trash, do they care??

  9. One of my friends spend so much to get a number plate that he did not have enough to spend on a descent car, So he went out to buy a white Toyota Tercel… (1 year down, it looked like someone is trying very hard with the blue interior and the number plate).

    A consolation prize for getting the car I got him a side sticker that was similar to the VTEC shown in the pic above.

  10. dear sir madam,
    Can you please give me saeed abdel ghaffer khouri email address to me
    king regards harj

  11. I think the auction and car plates is only the rich man saying to other rich people that I richer than you.

    As for the 10 year old is like the father saying to those guys. I dont even attend I let my son take car of you.

    When the number plate 5 was sold and they did an interview the guy never mentioned anything about charity only that having number plate 5 is amazing and how people look at him.

    I think the society here is abit superfaical even for exptrates.

  12. Also European rich people pay alot of money on a cleaning fat lady picture and it only a fraction of the price of the plate.

    the highest painting could reach 150mil

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