Emirates driving licence laws relaxed

Emirates driving licence laws relaxed


Gulf News reported that UAE residents will soon be able to obtain driving licences from any emirate regardless of their residence visa, although this was supposed to happen on March 1 with the Federal Traffic Law. We hear it will happen in April.

This means a person with visa from Abu Dhabi, for example, can renew his licence in Dubai without any extra work. The same applies to all emirates.

According to outgoing rules, a person can only apply for a driver’s licence in the emirate from where his visa has been issued. Now people can skip the harder testing procedures in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi and line up for testing in Dubai, or buy a licence from those other lesser states up North.

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  1. hey is there any news about registering the cars in other emirates?

  2. Author

    I don’t think that will be allowed. Based on my troubles, car registration depends more on place of residence than place of licence.

  3. omg you guys learn to drive with Ford Five Hundreds? 😛

  4. mash were is the accord review how long does it take u to get the review out

  5. harder testing procedures in abu dhabi??? hmm i know atleast 5 ppl who passed abu dhabi test in first attempt while i got many friends who are on their 2-3rd try in dubai, not to mention the 2-3month waiting period between each test in dubai n the damn classes you have to take if you fail the test.

  6. actually i am living in auh n my visa is shj…1st yr my car was auh registered becuz i had a auh visa that time…next yr during my renewel my visa was shj n they asked me to tranfer my car to shj…i told them i am livin in auh n i have a flat in auh but still i couldnt register it in auh….hope they change this rule in future…..

  7. Author

    Yes, if you provide proof of residence in a certain city, you can register it in that city, wherever your visa is from. I did the same thing before.

  8. This law will never be changed because its interupt UAE nationals and foreigners i think All the Rights which A national can get Should not be given to foreigners so i think they are doing good job that if our visas is from Abu dhabi we should get abu dhabi licence and can register in Abu dhabi so this is good rule because we are not citizen of UAE they should not change this rule i think. We are happy like this if all the rights given to us then whats difference between us and nationals not a single country in the world giving rights as same as their own national so UAE should also not do it.

  9. Whatever you say sohi… consider the people who know how to drive but live uncomfortably because this country takes so long to take the license wasting time, money, and effort that could have been spend into better and productive ways… I have never seen any city or country that takes this long to achieve such a single license with tons of troubles… this is beyond the level of ridiculous…

  10. I am on visit visa in Qatar , Got a Temporary driving license of Qatar. soon I am comming to Abudhabi on residence visa . On base of this License can i get a license in abudhabi or i have to apply again and go through all tests?

  11. Anybody knows if this rule has been implemented?

  12. ooh finally.
    Unlucky me, I spent 3 years in sharjah with no luck , just 2 weeks in Dubai and I have my DL

  13. can i know when this rule will be applied?

  14. if any body knows when this rule will be applied please write…..

  15. please… does anyone know if this ruled is applied yet? Seriously… the public sectors in one of the emirates is totally messed up… it’s taking me 5months now and i have to wait for more… I am losing my temper…

  16. hahahahaha same here…. i takd wid license department…..but dy say ny rules aint changing…..can nybody let meh kno if dis rules already implemented..

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