2009 BMW 7-Series soon, '08 now cheap

2009 BMW 7-Series soon, ’08 now cheap


German Auto Zeitung magazine snagged some spy photos of the upcoming 2009 BMW 7-Series. The new model seems to be going back to basics in terms of design, and looks production-ready already.


The interesting news is that we hear current-generation 2008 BMW 7-Series models are going for huge discounts at UAE dealerships, and they are openly saying they are not importing any more of the current models into the country.


All this means that we will see a sleek new BMW 7-Series long before the end of this year. And it will most likely take design cues from the CS Concept.

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  1. I love BMWs and its always a pleasure seeing a new model roling …

    Today i spoted a trailer with 8 X6 on board.. they had covered them

    with white covers but it was not hard to distinguish it, bad luck i didnt

    have the camera…

    I guess its not gona be long before it is launched in the market right?

  2. hey u can buy an X6 here nw.. U can find one in Aweer market.. i did nt chk the name of de showroom but its der in Aweer market…

  3. 🙁 thanks for the info shinu but i dont have the stuid driving license yet 😡 plus i don’t think i will be able to affoard it 😳 but i’m sure its gona be a master piece as most of the BMW cars …

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