BMW unveils four-door coupe concept

BMW unveils four-door coupe concept


BMW unveiled their very own four-door coupe concept at the Shanghai Auto Show, of all places.


The car is based on the 7-Series platform, but is actually longer and wider, even though it is much lower. It seats four, and will join the rat race by every German manufacturer to build a four-door “coupe” after the Mercedes-Benz CLS was introduced.


What do you think?



  1. looks like a chinese chery … bmw design is very bad specially for this one and i would request bmw to decorate there interior good not only give a good look out side

  2. bemmer—-! did it again the car is realy cool, esp the sides, rims. overall the car has as Aston Martin style…..rear is not that impresive, esp the exhausts! trunk is pathetic.

  3. amazing…it should be wonerfull driveng experience…

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