Bugatti owners offended by us

Bugatti owners offended by us


I received the following email today from someone (whose name I shall withhold):

Dear Sir/Maam

Let me first say that I am very impressed at your site. Its accurate details have been of great benefit to me when purchasing any automobile in the U.A.E.. Unfortunately I have been offended by some of the remarks posted as they do not siute my clients or the people I work for. The cons on the Buggati Veyron 16.4 that “Priced for rich MORONS, practicality, needs oil well to run”, is a bit too hostile even unprofessional as I know two people who own the legendary vehicle. I am speaking on their behalf and demand that you not only rephrase some of the remarks on the site, but send an apology to us personally. Thank You.

Best Regards…

What with all the hurt people around the world due the war in Iraq, the oppression in Palestine, the tsunami in Indonesia and what not, I did not want to add a few more people on the list of hurt people. So while no apologies are going out to anyone, I did change the offending line to keep peace in this part of the region.

Update: Just to close the matter, I’ll post the response for the my response to the original matter:

I have read your posted response and am glad that you will be changeing the comment,but its not only the Veyron that has inadequate cons. Another was of the Toyota Land Criuser where you say "every loser has one". So you might want to look at some other unfair comments that you posted on the site. As for your regards to worldwide disasters such as the war and genocide. I would suggest you open a seperate political site that adheres to these issues. We are all greatly emotional when it comes to these subjects and have done our best to help, be it donations or exporting food. So my personal advice to you is to not mix this with that. I do not want a response nor expect it to be posted, but I do hope you get the idea.

What do you think?



  1. you really didnt HAVE to change it 👿 😈

  2. obviously no1 has seen the land cruiser cons yet 😉

  3. Author

    It would seem that the Land Cruiser piece has apparently been seen. Although this one is not changing until almost all Land Cruiser owners get devices to stop them from tailgating everyone else.

  4. I was offended too. Please appologize to me or else. Our sensitive feelings can’t withstand words like morons being directed to us.

    I would characterize the remarks which drew the big dispute that nearly,who knows, might have lead to a lowsuit in courts as tolarable and blended with a sence of humar. And they were not intended to offend the particular owners of these cars. However, people with marketing concerns are the ones who could only be offended.

    Thanks and it is appriciated to having a comprehensive car buying guided for the middle east area.

  5. f*** those “morons”…I’m the emperor of the republican empire in this so called earth… please feel free to call those people whatever you may like because as of now the oil has been seized…they have no money all they have is seconds ticking down till they meet there judgement day wich will come very soon soe you arabs feel free as well to proclaim me as the most crude individual roming this planet at this time not 5,000 years ago hoez.

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