Civic drive ends in unrelated headache

Civic drive ends in unrelated headache


So we drove our rental 2007 Honda Civic for eight straight days and returned it. Later I find out there is a speeding fine on it. Except that I did not step out of the house at the time of the fine, let alone be anywhere near the location listed for the speed camera. I’ll have to waste a morning clearing up this nonsense now. This is not the first time that the wrong fines have ended on my lap. Thank you, Dubai Police.

Update: Wasted a morning. As expected, got the runaround. Will have to waste a second morning to see if anything is solved.

Update 2: Wasted a second morning. Got the photographic evidence. Some bloody Land Rover in the photo. Almost made to come back for a third morning, but somehow finished at the last minute before everyone went home.

On a more interesting note, the Honda Civic is the quickest car we’ve driven among the four economy cars we’ve tested recently, as well as the most fuel efficient. That makes it more quick and less thirsty than the Ford Focus, the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart and the Chevrolet Optra. So there is more to this car than its spaceship looks.


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  1. wht do u want to prove by adding the pic of a disabled (LUMINA )cop car? 😕

  2. damn man thats sucks. hope you get it sorted out. but do these “errors” happen often??
    so its fast eh?? 67k AED for the fully loaded one, makes my choice certainly harder

  3. Author

    These “errors” happen way too often. A member of my family paid two traffic fines from Abu Dhabi, where we haven’t been in the last 10 years. My family also paid the same Municipality parking fine twice, and no one wanted responsibility so we could pursue a refund. I even paid a Dhs 150 Sharjah Police fine last year for an offence no one could translate. Closest I got was “ruining the beauty of the streets” or something. I wasn’t in that city that day either, but without radar-style photographic evidence, what’s the point of even trying to challenge it?

    You have to wonder what the cops see and what they write down in their notepads as cars zoom by in seconds.

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