2009 Nissan Xterra and Navara facelifted

2009 Nissan Xterra and Navara facelifted


The Nissan Xterra 4WD and Navara pickup have been facelifted for the 2009 model year.


The changes seem only cosmetic in nature, with interiors and mechanicals being largely the same as existing models. Expect these new faces to trickle into local showrooms quietly after the summer.

What do you think?



  1. the look is still not that good, but is still normal for an off road car
    what about the rear face of the xterra did they do any changes???

  2. Nothing to shout about,and i wonder if sales figures for cars and SUVs are expected to drop with the RTA and their SALIK campaign,just how feasible would it be to drive around town.Ultimately this will have a reverse effect on the auto market here.

  3. thatsit(mohamad),since you know about nissan cars, is the 5.6L Pathfinder going to be available here in 2009?

  4. Hey Mashfique,

    I had seen spy shots of the Xterra doing tests in the US and was eagerly awaiting to see the final look and specs. I’m planning to buy this car in the near future and wanted to know whether the look, inside and out, as well as the mechanicals had improved(they aren’t bad in the first place). I hope this model makes it to our shores in the last quarter of the year.
    Assassin, I doubt the 5.6l would make it here; if it does it will give the Pathfinder a huge edge, in terms of performance, over it’s competitors.

  5. Author

    Besides the new face and a slightly different interior, there doesn’t seem to be any more changes.

  6. There aren’t any mechanical changes but you have to admit the dashboard’s design is far better than the current car…seems similar in form to the Pathfinder and Armada. I also read the 09 model will come with 6 airbgs as standard, climate control and leather seats! Although I don’t really know how many of thess options will actually make it here.

  7. I wonder if they made any changes to the rear suspension….would help on road ride comfort to quite an extent…

  8. RayD..i think you forgot to consider the Grand Cherokee as a competitor of Pathfinder.

  9. Assassin, the 4.7l won’t be a match for the 5.6l Pathfinder, however the 5.7l would go toe to toe with it, in a straight line of course. As for the 6.1l SRT model, the 5.6l Pathfinder is a ‘go anywhere’ vehicle whereas the Grand Cherokee SRT is just a street machine; performance wise you get 2 for the price of 1 in the Pathfinder…

  10. does this new pathfinder have differential locks?

  11. cb, the Off Road model in the US get’s diff locks; somehow the models offered here don’t which is quite sad. The FJ which is a direct competitor come’s with a diff lock feature. Hopefully the 09 models coming to the market will feature this option.

  12. Sorry cb, I was referring to the Xterra. I’m not sure about the Pathfinder though…but it should feature a diff lock option.

  13. the 2006 pathfinder did not have diff locks. thats why i asked. sad that an offroading vehicle does not have it.

  14. cb, you should be more specific. Do you mean centre diff-lock or rr diff-lock?

  15. i mean there weren’t any buttons to lock the differentials. i guess the centre diff-lock is done automatically while the rear/front differential locks were not available. when we were stuck in sand, one wheel each from the front and rear were spinning freely while the other 2 remained stuck.

  16. while you are getting stuck in sand, don’t expect a lot from any buttons locking the differentials in the heavy automatic SUV. that exactly what happened to me when I took the heavy Touareg for a test drive, first I stuck in a sandy football pitch, one wheel each from the front and rear were spinning freely while the other 2 remained stuck, then I switched the centre diff-lock, four wheels started to spin but this made the car sinking in the sand, sand level reached to the chassis. Really strange from Touareg, it has ability to climb 45 degree angle but it is easy to get stuck in a football pitch (Pajero got ability to climb 35 degree angle but it is one of the best off roader).
    Fj, X-terra and Pajero are the best to get them with buttons to lock the differentials .
    Pushing something to lock the rear differential in my LC is just good to disable ABS brakes 😆 .

  17. the area the pathfinder got stuck wasn’t really a tough dune or anything. all it needed was the stuck wheels to spin because the sand wasn’t very deep.
    assasin, when you were stuck in sand with one wheel each spinning freely, how did locking the center diff make all four wheels spin? 😕

  18. all wheels will spin by the same power of each just in smooth sand.

  19. hey mash nice twist to the website.

  20. Author

    Got hacked, muh’man. Had to slap on a new design. More on that later.

  21. ((all wheels will spin by the same power of each just in smooth sand))

    center diff lock will make sure the front and the back wheels spin together. but does not mean both the front wheels and both the back wheels spin together. that means when you are stuck one front wheel and one back wheel will be spinning together while other two will remain stuck. locking the front and rear diff along with center diff lock will ensure that the wheels spin together.

  22. yes i think you are right cb, so i think the centre diff lock is made to be used all the time of offroading but the ff or rr diff lock are just made to use when you stuck. Am i right?

  23. hi guys how are you???
    first,, congrats mash for the new style
    assassin,,,i dont think they will bring the 5.6 pathfinder to the middle east…
    thanks CB for the useful link.

  24. guys….where are the smilee faces

  25. Author

    Of all the things to ask for… 🙄

    The blog was hacked, so I am using a different theme. It will take time for me to customise it.

  26. ^^^^

  27. the good news about the infiniti is that they will do some changes for the G35 sedan: now it will be called G37, it will have the G37 coupe engine and a 7speed trans. also there will be 2 new colors and some changes to the interior i dont remember what they are hehehehe.
    and there are 7 nissan GTR cars reached ABU DHABI i think before two days>>one of the VIP guys who is waiting also for his car in the other bunch of cars that will arrive at the end of next month.. the sales of this car will start as the guy is saying in march of 2009 with a price around 310K-320K DHS. those cars (total of 21 cars will be for shiekhs and VIPs) enjoy looking at those monsters. you will notice that the gages are in miles because those cars are taken from the american production lines(the price of those cars are around 430K and as you will see they will have some special stitchings’golden lines’). inshallah the GCC production line will start on the 1st of january 2009 (arabic link but you can enjoy the pics and the video)

  28. OH i forgot about AL-Rostumani too…the guy said that also arabian automobiles also recieved their cars or they will recieve them in the coming days.

  29. Author

    Thanks for the good info.

  30. you are welcome mash…i hope when it comes you will be the first one to test drive this beast but be careful from crashing it looooooool.

  31. Too bad the site got hacked…but its good in a way. Your site is ‘big’ enough to be hacked!!
    Maybe your rivals are tryin to sabotage the site. You shouldn’t have rubbed Audi and VW the wrong way..lol.
    Take it back to the original interface. This is gay !

  32. No offence to the gay folks.

  33. mash, i think the background should be pink with some flowers. Its beautiful to make a mixture from action and romance, just like that part of Face Off movie, the part when the cops and bad people were killing each other while the background song was some peacful romance ‘over the rainbow’ song…

    thatsit, GT-R might be too fast to be driven in public streets, lot of teenagers will die while driving this affordable racing car. do you think so?

  34. looking at the traffic conditions, the nissan sunny will be doing the same speed as a nissan gt-r on the public streets 🙄

  35. nissan is the most reliable car in the arab world.

  36. cb, this is much worse, don’t you see? People act like crazy kids when they get free from bad traffic and as you know gt-r can go very speedy in a short distance.

  37. if people act like crazy kids on public roads then it is their fault not the car’s 😆

  38. hi assassin, i think in this car, the owners are gona drive as slow as they could because they want to show themselves a bit….after a while the accidents will start hehehe 😉 acctually the accidents started before a long time…in nissan forum the one of the members added to videos for two nissan GTR totaled in japan…but if i was the owner of this car, i wont test it in the road, i will test it in tracks..every weekend am gona reserve dubai autodrom for me for (lets say) one hour and test my abilities and the car also…am dying to see this car not to ride it hehehehe…

  39. ^^^
    am sorry i have to many mistakes…i didnt revise it :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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