Automechanika and Turbo UAE tuner shows

Automechanika and Turbo UAE tuner shows


If you are into aftermarket automotive equipment shows, there is the Automechanika Middle East trade show in Dubai, already running from June 1 to 3 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi, events are taken to the next level by the Turbo tuner show in Abu Dhabi, to be held from November 13 to 15 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

The Automechanika event is one of 12 Automechanika trade fairs organized across the globe by Messe Frankfurt. This year, as many as 950 exhibitors are participating from 45 countries. It is more of a formal trade show, and their star attraction is apparently the crashed Ferrari you see above, displayed by one of the body-shop participants as a means to show how profitable the accident-repair business is in this country. Imagine what that says about drivers here.

The upcoming TURBO: For A Custom Nation show, organised by CMPi in November, will be more of an entertainment event, which will features many of the nation’s tuner cars and companies, along with dyno competitions, drifting demos, drag racing, stereo showdowns, show-car contests and indoor kart-racing, in the style of events in the West. But hopefully the show floor won’t be littered with hired whores.

What do you think?



  1. Having a bad day Mash?
    (Strong comments on the visual merchandise…)

  2. Author

    Nah, I just find the display of flesh annoying in a Muslim country. Embarassing when I am trying to look at a car, and appear to be staring at the woman blocking my view. Even worse if you take your family. It ruined my Dubai Motorshow photos.

  3. hi
    could u please help me out choose a planing to buy 1 of these
    bentley arnage or rollsroyce phantom

  4. Author

    Are you kidding me?

  5. I suggest u save up a lil more n buy a helicopter.. Helps wit th traffic here..

  6. saves u from salik as well 😆

  7. I am an ardent reader of your site and I thoroughly enjoy your articles. So I believe a little bit of constructive criticism wouldn’t hurt. Calling models “Hired Whores” is a bit too strong. Even though I totally agree with your sentiment, they are just doing a job they were paid to do. You should instead blame the greedy management who tried to intice people with the flesh show in a Muslim country, don’t blame the models! They don’t have to worry about showing anything as long as this place allows them to do so!

  8. Author

    Agreed, the management should be blamed.

  9. mash>>>i think the avalon should be 280 HP am i right. for the new model.

  10. things are much better here in sharjah
    And avalone is sucks since i’ve noticed that it made by Americans (losers)

  11. but assassin since you know about toyota cars is there any changes in the avalon for the years 2005-2006-2007-2008
    i heared the number of gears has changed and the engine now is 280 hp is that true.

  12. Author

    No info on 2009 Avalon yet. Just rumours. The 2008 is just a facelift with same old engine.

  13. which has the 268 HP ?????????? 😕

  14. nothing has changed. i think the problem is with the dealer here. They started to put net hp value for brand new 2007 models and they forgot to change their old gross hp. they ptupidly still post 280hp for avalone(without saying it is gross or net value) and 268 for the aurion although they are just having the same engine..

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