Product review: Ebay car camera mount

Product review: Ebay car camera mount


If you are interested in taking dynamic photos and videos of your moving car while on the move, instead of having your buddy hang out the window of another car, the better option is to invest in a car camera mount. Car camera mounts are not available at all locally, and have to be ordered from abroad through the internet. Prices range from US$ 50 (Dhs 184) to thousands of dollars for the big ones used in movies, plus shipping. But after extensive searching, we found this unbranded possibly-homemade one on for US$ 25 (Dhs 92), plus shipping from America for US$ 32, for a total of around Dhs 200. And it works fine in most cases.


Our one uses two strong suction pads to stick onto any flat surface. It stuck fine on our flat-sided CSV CR8 tester. The problem arises with curvier cars, as we still haven’t figured out how to mount in on the side of our sleeky-styled BMW M Roadster. The thing can also be mounted anywhere else, including on the roof, hood and windshield. The universal head can hold any still or video camera up to 2 kg safely.


The camera can be made to point in almost any direction. The issue with taking stil photos is that you either have to set the camera on a timer or use a remote to take the photo while moving, since the camera cannot be reached on the move. It is easier to take video footage by just leaving the camera on “record” mode before moving off.


While we trusted our cheap mount to not fall off, a safer option would be to somehow tie the setup with ropes onto your mirrors or something. One problem is in these sandlands is that your camera lens will get covered in dust, and we still haven’t figured out how to get the dust out of our camera. Also, try not to attract the attention of police, as they like to pull people over for just about anything nowadays.

So if you are serious about your photos, scour and the internet for a car camera mount.

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  1. Hi Mash,

    Interesting article… One quick question…what abt stone hits to camera.. if we wanna take a footage on offroads? lolz


  2. boring article. :mrgreen:

  3. Author

    Stones are a risk you have to take. It is probably better to mount it higher if you want to save your equipment.

  4. what if it gets stolen 😆 😆 😮

  5. Author

    Why would you leave it sticking onto your car when you park it?

  6. Appreciate if you could post the ebay link to purchase this cooool gadget 😎

  7. Author

    Auctions keep coming and going so you have to search for it. Look for “car camera mount” or similar.

  8. I did almost the same thing, but instead of installing it outside, I fix the camera from the driver chair(there is metal bars for head support) using bidirectional tube clamp, and extend the camera outside. I got a higher view, but I can’t film the rotating tire while driving.

    About the dust problem, What I do is quiet simple,
    I put plastic rap all around the camera. It won’t protect the camera against big rocks, but good enough for dust and small particuls. I do lost a little bit of sound, but it also avoid the wind blowing sound. Anyway, you’ll have to edit the video after.

    Sorry for my bad english. 😕

  9. mr mash,

    is it legally allowed to fix this kinda camera mount in our car and run it. Hope the dxb cops wont charge us for it.


  10. Author

    Don’t be too public and you might be fine. Everything is illegal here.

  11. Mr. Mash, are we being an individual can join you when u test drive the latest car being launched in UAE? Just to feel the experience.


  12. Author

    One day, my friend. One day.

  13. I would wait for that day Mr. Mash. Hope you would call me. rgds asif, Dubai
    [email protected]


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