New car buyer guide update: part 5

New car buyer guide update: part 5

It is a bit obvious that updates to this website have been sparse over the last couple of weeks. Truth is I’ve been working on new additions to the website. The updates below will be the last for the current New Car Buyer Guide. Because I have been working on a new version of the guide since March. To be called the Ultimate Car Buyer Guide, it will include some interesting new information. Also coming are a car comparison feature to see various specs side-by-side for a couple of cars, but it is very simple, so don’t hold your breath. Additional changes will include moving the Future Preview section into the blog, an all-new Classifieds section, and a new homepage layout. Although I might launch earlier, my self-imposed deadline is on my upcoming birthday. Now you only have to figure out when that is.


As usual, no Audi updates this time round, again. Maybe I’ll add their crappy new models in the new guide.

What do you think?



  1. I think your birthday date will be on 31/06/2008 😆 .
    And mash I have a question about Volkswagen Jetta, is there anything special about it? because my 60 years old friend bought a white 1.6 Jetta and after a month he bought another black 1.6 Jetta for his wife, he says that he gets very excited when he drive any VW cars, especially this Jetta.

  2. Author

    You’d have to be 60 to get excited by a Jetta.

  3. lol that was a nice answer frm Mash…by the way Mash is there any news about BMW 1 series coupe…about the models available in uae and prices…. accordin to US price base model 128i should be starting at dhs120,000….pls let us know if there is any info…initial reviews from US market shows its a very exciting car…..

  4. Author

    The 1-Series coupe and convertible are officially out in the UAE. You can see them in the showroom right now, including the 135i.

  5. Zao, please post the price after you visit the showroom and compare them to the US market.

  6. hey zao i advise u dont go for bm 1 seris it is not so good… in europe its sucks .. i dont noe abt amerkans

  7. dear mash plz inform me about suzuki grand vitara howz tht car.plz reply soon

  8. Author

    I hear good things about it, but I haven’t seen one. It is the only small 4WD wagon that can do some offroading.

  9. hahahaha at the end this is the ZR1 that the americans were talking about…really their cars are good in straight line but actually a supercharged 6.2 liters engine and only giving 638 HP “that SUX” now they proved that they are not able to squeez the right HP from their engines…0-60 in 3.4 (man that SUX) with an increase of 130 hp over the Z06 and the difference is that little..hehehe
    although as the writer said some reports got 0-60 in 3.3 for GTR or even less but lets wait for the V-spec and the evolution(if there is still this type) maybe nesmo instead of the evolution. check this link–performance-numbers-confirmed

  10. —plz inform me about suzuki grand vitara howz tht car.plz reply soon—
    Its one of the few Small SUVs that have the off-roading capabilities of bigger dedicated off-roaders. [4H 4L 2H and those stuff is featured in it.]
    But I dont trust suzuki in quality. JD Powers gave suzuki 33rd rank in quality. A kia or Nissan has better quality. Kia ranked 19th and Nissan ranked 20th. Hyundai raked 13 or 14.
    Kia has a better deal. They have a 5 year warranty and offer free major service once or twice a year.
    If you’re considering Kia’s sportage, Its getting a facelift for 2009.

  11. that granturismo is one of the best-looking cars around.

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