News round-up: Nissan, DiamondLease, Castrol

News round-up: Nissan, DiamondLease, Castrol

It seems the Nissan Tiida, one of our recommended choices, is involved in a bit of racing, leading from lights to flag in the third round of the China Circuit Championship held at Beijing’s Golden Port Circuit on June 8.

The Nissan Tiida is competing for the third time in the China Circuit Championship, having already achieved first place in the 2006 championship. Nissan is currently battling Volkswagen who, in a stroke of good luck, won the 2007 championship. The #4 Tiida of driver Lin Li Feng, Dong Feng Nissan Ghia Team, beat a field of 17 cars in the 1.6-litre class over 33 laps despite carrying a 20 kg weight penalty for his success in Round 1 of this season’s Championship. The team is technically supported by Nismo, Nissan’s performance division.

In other news, Diamondlease has won the award in the Best Car Rental Company (Local Brand) category in the region, for the fifth consecutive year. The significance of winning at the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Travel Award Platinum is that it is the verdict of the end-users and travel trade professionals. I’ve personally never used Diamondlease, but I know people who did, so take my advice and don’t pick up any fines with their rentals. You’ll end up paying more than the fines themselves.

And lubricant-manufacturer Castrol has decided to blow its money advertising in the completely unrelated field of football, by signing a “prestigious” six-year deal as a FIFA World Cup Sponsor until 2014.

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  1. i want this car after they are done hehehe :mrgreen:
    and its lowered too…. 😯

  2. a tiida never looked any cooler! 😆

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