2009 Mazda 3 to be unveiled in November

2009 Mazda 3 to be unveiled in November

The current Mazda 3 is a class-leading car. But while it is winning awards elsewhere for performance and handling, only the most basic versions come here in GCC-spec form, effectively crippling it against the likes of Honda and Toyota. The all-new 2009 Mazda 3 is just around the corner. To be unveiled at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show in November, the new car is set to revolutionise compact cars again.

Still based on the awesome Ford Focus platform, the new 2009 Mazda 3, which might come here as a 2010 model, will take styling cues from the new Mazda 6, but utilising a sporty grille-less design. These renderings were released by two British magazines based on spy shots. We’ve modified their renderings to be more realistic, adding a taller ride height and more practical ground clearance.

To keep track of the latest local details, keep checking the Mazda 3 buyer guide.

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  1. renderings looks great…hope this time GCC market get a top of the range 2.0ltr like the euro versions…

  2. Mazda really should bring the other models, will definitely give Civic some competition..

  3. Mash, is it possible from you to do an Arabic version of your site?
    your site will be so popular if you add more languages.

  4. hi thatsit(mohamad),
    dont be so greedy. i think the new fx35 power is enough for anyone…… :mrgreen:
    and i dont think 35-40k Dhs is a small value, you can do alot with it. 😉

  5. hi assassin:
    you are right…i can have alot of specs more than the 35
    and a V8 engine the has a scary sound :mrgreen:
    take a look at this link and look what comes with the 50S model….this is from a guy who lives in al-ain or abu dhabi

  6. Author

    I can only somewhat read and write Arabic. I do not understand it, and I cannot pay someone to translate.
    That Abu Dhabi guy buys an expensive car and drives around with plastic on the seats?

  7. you have some great shots . thank you

  8. maybe assassin will work for you as a translator for free :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    mash I have a question for U
    one of mu friends was telling me that all car nowadays are capable of doing a 450 KM for a full tank of petrol even if the car have a small or big engine…IS that TRUE????
    he was telling me that the size of the petrol tank changes between the different cars so that all of them will do around 450 KM…the thing about the size of the tanks and the difference in their sizes is known already but what about the 450 KM distance is that true(of course i think he did not mean the highways only city driving)>>he also gave me an evidence that his old corolla car 1.8 was doing a 450 and now he bought chevy car that has a 5.7 liters engine and he was telling me its the same but he paying now more for the chevy!!!!
    does that mean that what ever car am gona drive will do a 450 km inside city driving???>>waiting for the answer and please support with evidence from a site if U please 😉

  9. Author

    The RANGE of a car depends on the SIZE of the FUEL TANK. People often confuse FUEL ECONOMY with RANGE. A stupid Land Cruiser can go 1000 km on one tank if a bigger fuel tank is installed. Accelerating slowly in city driving will improve your fuel economy as well as range. Car manufacturers have a certain target in mind when deciding the size of a fuel tank, and that may be to offer between 300 km and 500 km of driving range. A range of 100 km is too small for most people. Also, a range of 900 km is unnecessary since space will be wasted with a bigger tank and there are many petrol stations around.

    If your friend has figured out how to get 450 km from a Caprice by managing his acceleration inputs, then good for him.

  10. ^^^^
    so from what you are saying, it can do more than 450 or less by more than “lets say” 50KM

    U see…this guy keeps saying many stuff that are totally wrong…but the problem is that he is older than me, and my father’s friend so its not polite to argue with him about stuff like this….

    now a question from my side this time. when i was driving to abu dhabi ,the altima with a full tank. the range of the car gave me around (802 KMS) i know its an estimation from the computer but i really did around 400 KM with the fuel gauge needle is still above the middle line a bit(i was driving at a constant speed of 110KM/h)…so do you think that really i can do the other 400 till the tank is empty??? or this is impossible and the computer is totally wrong???
    thanks in advanced for UR effort 🙂

  11. Author

    Those range computers are always totally wrong. You can probably go 800 km by doing 40 kph in fifth gear ALL the way.

  12. thanks dude 😉

  13. heyy mashh..after a lot of research on 4wd’s i finally planned to drop the idea and go for a car instead 😛 ..there is a friend of mine who is selling off his 2007 Honda Accord..it is a top-of-the-line model in the 2.4L range. The car was bought in 2007 feb, and has done abt 39K kms now. It has had no accidents so far and he has maintained the car very well..there are absolutely no scratches on the body and the shine of the pearl white color is still thre since he takes it for a polish twice every month. The alloys too look as if itz jus out of the showroom. The interior is also in an excellent condition with seat plastic covers still on. Additionally, he has tinted the car windows all over with 3M crystalline tints, has applied 3M paint protection and 3M leather protection. I’ve no doubts on his driving style since I’ve been knowing him for sometime now and since he is one of the best drivers i’ve ever seen. The car has extended warranty and has a service contract till 40K kms. His final price is 75K..what do you think about the deal??

  14. there is something i don’t like from the old shape accord. the seats are too hard. your back will kill you if you drive the accord for a long distance.

    having a seat inside the accord could be comfort as much as this:

  15. Author

    That Accord seems like a decent deal. Driven a lot for only a year though. Just see if he kept up with the service schedule, even if he has a contract.

  16. yup..the seats of the accord is a l’il hard.the seats are not as comfortable as the “leather-less” seats in my mondeo..itz not as hard as the seat in assassin’s pic tho :P…hehe..

    hee has kept up wid the service schedule mash..made sure of tat…was jus wondering wot the resale value wud b 2-3 years down the line since the shape is already old..nywayz, luks like cars also hav started to confuse me..Mitsubishi lancer GT has startd to attract my attention towards it due to itz extensive feature list..both the cars are in a different league tho..n thn thre is tis frnd of mine who “talked” about gettin a brand new top of the line accord for the same price i’m intending to pay for this old one following some staff discount tat his frnd in al futtaim can get..hmm!! mash, what do you think about the Lancer GT?

  17. Author

    I haven’t driven the Lancer. But it has a hard-plastic interior.

  18. hello guys.. Anyone have any Idea on around How much this car will cost when released please? 🙂
    and when are we expecting it ?

  19. Why Mazda fails to sell (in the USA)a Mazda 6 sport wagon amazes me. They are so handy. The Mazda 6 sedan on the other hand competes with the Maxima and Camry – 😯 which completely outclass it.

  20. hi mates… i am looking forward to buy a civic.. wats your suggestions… is it worth to wait for mazda 3… or shall i go with civic…
    and also… wat are the points we need to get through when we go to buy a car[used]

  21. :mrgreen: I am a huge fan of chevy and I was wondering if the new (Nissan) 350z was made by chevy.PLease get back to me on this its very important to me.THANKS

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