Ultimate car buyer guide update: safety

Ultimate car buyer guide update: safety

Imagine working for free, with one hand tied behind your back. That’s what I’m having to do right now, thanks to the local monopoly internet provider reducing my productivity with their slower-than-dialup broadband net speeds. Their stupid internet slows down to a crawl in the afternoon and at certain times in the evening. But I still managed to add an all-new feature to the Ultimate Car Buyer Guide — crash-test safety ratings. Once I figured out the code, and how to implement it efficiently, it took me only a little more than 2 days to manually enter the data. So now you can see basic crash safety ratings for most popular models, as tested by the American NHTSA and the Euro NCAP, right on the individual car pages.

Also, last week I added a few more cars to the ultimate mix, as requested by users. I didn’t get many specific requests the last time I asked. Here’s your chance to ask again for specs of used cars you’d like to see in the guide. The latest added used cars are:

1997-2005 Mitsubishi Magna
2003-2006 Toyota Camry

You’ll spot the new cars on the homepage itself, so there is no point listing them here. However, here is a list of some of the interesting used cars I added while I created the guide, that you may have missed:

1992-2002 Bentley Continental
2000-2004 Ferrari 360
1996-1998 Ssangyong Musso

Time to get back to work before the internet dies again. In the most “high-tech” city of the GCC no less.

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  1. Wow..a 5 series has 3 star rating 😯

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