2009 Volkswagen Golf VI coming soon

2009 Volkswagen Golf VI coming soon

Early photos of the next-generation 2009 Volkswagen Golf has surfaced on the internet, ahead of its official launch this week. So far, things are not looking good for the gay icon.

The new sixth-generation VW Golf MKVI will utilise the existing platform, and most of the engines will be carried over.

The new styling itself looks to be more of a facelift, simply adding ideas from the Scirocco and the Touareg. The front end looks cheap and unfinished in black, while the dull interior is hardly changed.

What do you think?



  1. man..they did a huge mistake by changing it 😯

  2. from front it looks bit like the sirocco…from behind its same old golf…

  3. the 2 door looks good, 4 door looks like a van! just a re-design, so probably be unreliable like the last one..

  4. same old shape what the f****

  5. I second Zao’s comments!

  6. Front of Scirocco……back of the Touareg……!!

    New engines are awesome!!!

    New GTI will have 245bhp!!!

  7. I know this is subjective, but I hope VW provides other wheel options.

  8. it is a very beauty car i love it & i hope have one 🙂

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