2009 Toyota RAV-4 gets minor facelift

2009 Toyota RAV-4 gets minor facelift

The current-generation Toyota RAV-4 has been mildly facelifted for the 2009 model year, as seen in these photos for the American version. Also new is an upgraded 4-cylinder engine.

The new engine is a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder with 179 hp and 233 Nm of torque, both only mild increases. The Americans also get an optional sports kit that removes the door-mounted spare wheel and replaces the four wheels with run-flat tyres. Don’t expect that kit to be offered here though, as the GCC doesn’t even get the V6 engine option yet.

While the exterior gets some new trimmings, wheels and spoilers, the interior seems to be largely the same. Expect this new model to hit showrooms by the end of this year.

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  1. thank God nice looking car at last.

  2. nice looking car
    at least it looks much better than land cruiser 😉

  3. landcruier is so much hot and beautiful car mohamad u dont know

  4. ^^ true that coz here in uae we very rarely see a land cruiser 🙄

  5. ^^^^hehehehe
    i hope that subhan got it… :mrgreen:

  6. Their are 2 idiots who comment regularly and somebody in their families always is going to buy every other sports car or 4 wheel drive launched in UAE. And now they are commenting about legendary Land Crusier. No matter how many models are launched or facelifted…truth is that Landcrusier, Nissan Patrol, Pajero and Jeep Wrangler will always remain on UAE roads both old and new…

  7. hey man…whats wrong with you :mrgreen:
    i think ur AZZ is on fire….everyone has his opinion
    and i dont like the new shape of your legendary LC…and this is not only me….at least am commenting regularly and am doing something…some people like you just came and add their first stupid comment in the website and it shows really how stupid they are…i think you was born just before you add your comment….go kid go 😆 😆

  8. hi sar, look up the definition of the word sarcasm.maybe then you might understand my earlier comment.please keep posting here assuming you know all about the families of the people who you meet on the internet.thanks

  9. LC’s front and rear looks are ok, but it needs some chrome on its sides. Just like the LX570’s sides and l will fix these chrome-spoilers soon. specially after hearing that the side of 2009 models will be chrommed.

  10. thatsit(mohamad). Is there any news about the new patrol?

  11. cb. Which uae are you talking about? Man you can not put a lie in open site to the whole world .

  12. ^^^nothing new over what i said before about the engine will be 5.6 (not the same as the armada, expected over 400 hp) the 7 speed trany that can be found in infiniti…it wont look like a box shape like the armada…it will have those LED lights in the back…and good luck with your chrome spoilers…

  13. thanks man…

  14. assassin, you too please look up the definition for the word sarcasm. then you’ll understand what i said.

  15. yes cb. I know that you are sarcasm.

  16. Mr.Mush, accidently i hit upon Toyota Fortuner off road video’s in you tube…and unlike as spoken of or lowly rated or ignored here..it seems Fortuner is good vehicle..no wonder we see so many fortuners in uae..a Review of Fortuner is due from you…

  17. Author

    The Fortuner is a good off-roader. It is also selling well (mostly as a family car) because it is cheap. However, I disliked it as soon as I saw its cheap interior, similar to the Hilux. Not that I’d give it a bad review if I drove it, considering it can be had with a 4.0-litre V6.

  18. I need one of them, it`s a wonderful car.

  19. I want toyota rav4 price in dubai

  20. get an outlander!

  21. get jeep patriot!
    it was AED99000 but now during the offer it costs AED74900

  22. I need to buy brrand new RAV-4
    please forward me its price and other specifications

  23. Rav4 does not come with 6 air bags…toyota do not bother about safety in middle east market.

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