9ff plans 2009 Porsche Panamera tuning

9ff plans 2009 Porsche Panamera tuning

So far, Porsche has only released teaser photos of what is to become the German company’s ugliest vehicle yet. But exceptional Porsche tuners 9ff has already put up a sketch of what their version of the 2009-2010 Panamera will look like, once they get their hands on it.

The Panamera’s 911-meets-hatchback styling has pretty much been finalised, and its only saving grace will be luxury and performance. As much criticism as this four-door car is getting, people should put things in perspective and remember the abomination that is the Cayenne, Porsche’s best-selling model in Dubai and the GCC.

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  1. you are totally right…lets think again about what happened with the cayenne..although nobody liked porsche to launch an SUV an stick to the field of sports car…but really the cayenne saved the company alot after they were losing alot and even helped to open the way for the engineers to work with the panamera…from the front it looks so sexy…but the back side recieved many -VE comments…but i read one that porsche has done this in purpose so that people will keep thinking how its gona look like…am sure this will put AMG and M models in trouble…this is a porsche, and who dont know the abilities of porsche cars???????? just lets wait and see :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  2. porsche will put itself in shame with doing this ugly car
    A 911 with l&onger wheel base and 2 extra doors?? What is special about that! The engine is in the back as i think which is sucks in 4-door cars.

  3. assassin…its known that its engine will be mounted in the front like the cayenne.

  4. Nomatter where the engine is gonna be mounted, this new concept sucks big time. For me, it even spoils the image of the all time best 911. This concept is more like a Hearse to me. Oh.. Common porsche.. U surely could do better..!!!

  5. 9ff is opening their own showroom in Dubai next month. They already sold a few cars in the UAE this year and a friend of mine got an ECU upgrade for his 911 Turbo and some other stuff.

    They are saying they will offer a convertible version of the 9ff GT9R limited to 3 pieces worldwide to UAE customers first.

    Their site is http://www.9ffuae.com

    I am super excited about this … at least their body kits dont make the cars look like crap like gemballa does. Plus they have cars with up to 1120 HP. Thats insane.

    Fastest Street Legal Car in the world!!! GO 9ff!!!

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