2009 Nissan Murano modified by Cobra

2009 Nissan Murano modified by Cobra

The 2009 Nissan Murano isn’t even close to an official launch in the GCC, but it is already on the roads in Europe, and German tuners Cobra Technology & Lifestyle have went ahead and developed accessories for the softroader.

The Cobra N+ kit is a mix-and-match deal, with each piece separately available. Stainless-steel tubular guards for the front, side and rear are all removable. Other pieces include rubber door guards, shiny grille, roof-rail crossbars, chrome trim, exhaust tips and a choice of 18-inch, 19-inch and 20-inch wheels.

Cobra does not have an official dealer in Dubai, and parts would have to be ordered from Europe.

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  1. For me the murano is a great softroader and i kinda like the 2009 design but the addition of those bullbars and all the other stuff just makes it look outa place..i say leave the murano as it is..

  2. hey, leave the front alone!!! that bullgaurd makes it look damn ugly! infact the murano looks better without any of those accesories!

  3. Pakistani people do something like this with there cars in here 😆

  4. Do you guys know where i can get a bull bar for the 08 pathfinder??Not from one of these garages but from a known 4×4 auto accessories shop..? been searching but no luck, i’ll have to get it imported other wise..Theres so many places for the prado and pajero but no pathy!!

  5. you might find it from the dealer-workshop.

  6. still ugly car.its modifacations still ugly

  7. what do you mean STILL ugly? it looks damn kool to a 13 year old. [WITHOUT modifications!!!]

  8. try to order Westin bull bar from amazon.com if you want good fitting and save money. In Dubai you can get custom bull bar made from http://www.icon-auto.com/ . But this will be expensive. But then if you bought an 130k vehicle, you should be ready to pay around 5-7k for custom accessories made fit to finish..one more thing Nissan has tried to hide the long chassis of pathfinder in short body..there is very little space in front to fit any accessories…the chassis is almost sticking to front bumper..just lie down below pathfinder and you will see all steel nicely tucked down with no space anywhere..in other vehicles there is lot of space in front to fit variety of bull bars..thats why u don’t get pathy bullbar even in nissan accessiories website…you will have to get a correct bullbar or get it done from proper shop..or mechanics will screw up something while trying to force fit the accessories.

  9. ^^^
    totally agree with you 🙂

  10. Ya rightly said..but after long tussle i found out why Westin and other US Garages bullbar fit pathy…its the long hook which go inside and fit onto the chassis…a pajero or prado has hole in front side of chassis to screw the bars..the pathy has deep inside..thats why you need either exact fits or workshop to study the length and fit hook onto chassis..don’t go to nassir square..they will weld it onto chassis.. WELDING OR FITTING METAL TO UNDESIGNATED AREAS IN CHASSISS WILL LEAD TO AIR BAG FAILURE..the pathy is all metal man..from bumper to bumper..just bow down and see, you don’t need anything..if you want show..just put simple grill gaurd with fog lights. It looks nasty without adding weight to front

  11. Hey thanks guys, yeh im aware of the chassis of the pathy, its actually over worked for the pathy thats why the frame is so strong. Was just wondering cos i found this forum on line (US of course) where these guys had some pretty nice bull bars and grill guards fitted on, but they were all pre 2008 models. Now im wondering if they even make ny for the 2008 models cos i dont know if u guys noticed but the front is actually 2.5inches longer compared to the pre 2008 models, which makes accessories even harder to find.It was made longer to accomodate the bigger engine for the US market, GCC doesnt get it but benefits from the longer hood.
    I dont think i’ll ever go to nassir square to get a bull bar for my vehicle, lol.. 😆
    Do you know if the GCC markets come standard with the skid plates for the fuel tank, oil pan and the transfer case. Never jacked it up to inspect it yet, just wondering if you guys have. The US gets a seperate model known as an off road model which comes with these standard stuff.

  12. Author

    You don’t need to jack up the car. Just bend down and look under. The skid plates on my Jeep are visible without even having to bend down.

  13. i think the pathy doesnt have those skid plates..actually i saw thim in the USA website added to the one that has 5.6 liters engine…but we dont get this one here.

  14. Hi Spyke. Just park the pathy and walk few steps back from pathy. its got skid plate in front. In my SE the metal sheet gaurding the raditor and further down is of greyish black, same color as that of chassis. Second i have noticed in le models, metal color skid plates (Same like pajero style). You can put your hand below the bumer from front to feel the metal sheet in front, about skid plates or metal protection below body, i am not sure, i never sticked my nose there. Second thing i have seen couple of SE off roads used by Arab guys in Deira total building parking. It means its available here, it seems bit taller and very raw because of no side step and other fancy accessories, but i think it will be good only for people who really do offroading, i am damn sure because, first of all its truck based thing and by the look of vehicle (se off road) itself it seems it has very hard suspension, family people be better off with normal versions of pathy.

  15. The skid plate for the front lower radiator and engine comes standard. Nyways thanks for the input..

  16. DEAR SIR

  17. please send guard front sampel

  18. hey folks …. can any1 throw some light on WHEN the 09 murano will be launched in dubai- im kind of desperate to get behind the wheel….

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