Kia Cee'd goes hybrid for Paris Auto Show

Kia Cee’d goes hybrid for Paris Auto Show

The weirdly-named Cee’d is probably Kia’s best car right now. Even weirder is that Kia’s GCC dealers, in all their wisdom, chose to launch the Mohave as quickly as possibly here instead of the Cee’d. The hatchback has been selling elsewhere for a while now, and Kia has now developed a hybrid version, as is all the rage right now. It will be displayed at the 2008 Paris Auto Show.

The prototype Cee’d hybrid is powered by a traditional 1.6-litre petrol engine with maybe around 124 hp, while an electric motor mounted on the engine’s crankshaft offers up 20 hp more, recharged by regenerative braking.

Last we checked, Kia hadn’t brought over the standard Cee’d to Dubai yet, so hybrid models aren’t even a consideration here yet.

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  1. u r rite mash…dunno why they aint bringin cee’d and pro cee’d to middle east market…european reports say its as good as some of the euro hatches like golf and focus…

  2. cee’d is only for europe. made in europe, designed by europeans and for europeans. its not destined to sell anywhere else although, you could do the ‘grey’ import and get it like some. so even this hybrid is only for europe.

  3. mash, if you’ve got this info from another site, please mention the source. many others do that to avoid court cases for ‘stealing’ articles. please mention the source for all articles that you got from other websites.

  4. Author

    It’s a re-written press release, with manufacturer-provided photos that are “free for editorial use.” There are no copyrights.

  5. Looks like the Koreans are in a race for toppling the Toyotas and becoming the world’s best seller!…And they are not at all far behind!!

  6. yup. hyundai-Kia are ranked No. 5. ANyway, along with the cee’d hybrid, there will be a soul hybrid, sportage FCEV [which has range of 600+ km] and seven different versions of soul.

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