2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback official debut

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback official debut

Mitsubishi showed off the Sportback variant of their Lancer as a concept a few months ago. The production version of the Lancer Sportback will officially debut at the 2008 Paris Auto Show.

The 2009 Sportback will come with 1.5-litre and 1.8-litre petrol engines, and a 2.0-litre turbodiesel. Also available will be the all-wheel-drive Sportback Ralliart version with the 237 hp 2.0-litre turbo, as seen in the sedan.

Hatchbacks are popular in Europe, and the Lancer Sportback is designed to address that market, and may not come to any GCC markets.

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  1. This sportback/hatchback really looks nice!!love the design. Wonder when they’ll introduce the lancer ralliart version,in sedan form, here in the GCC.

  2. They should bring this here. The appeal for Mitsubishi vehicles will further increase here. Besides, it’s better than paying for an over-priced Toyota/Honda…

  3. nice car never come in gcc what the….???

  4. i totally agree wid RayD…frm a choice of Civic / Corolla / and a Lancer GT; and i wud definitely go for the GT widout a second thot, evn if itz slightly slower tan the Civic! And i hope they bring in the Lancer Ralliart version to the GCC soon…heard itz got a 2.0L turbo’ed unit under the hood pumpin out 237hp!..letz w8 n c!

  5. Vivek – i believe the GT is faster than the Civic. I must check. Also, I have always found the Civi’s engine to be noisey/harsh during moderate to hard accelaration. Or is it just my gf’s car?

  6. the civic is not made for performance. its just a tech-car showing off hi-tech gadgets like digi-speedo. so lancer should be faster.

  7. hi RayD – yea, the civic’s engine is tooo noisey under moderate / hard acceleration. but it is fast. While in drive mode the GT is a tad slower to the Civic, i haven’t tried the GT in manual mode. Probably then it should go faster.

    And Boris..the normal Civic does offer superb handling characteristics and sports a fast 1.8L engine. handling may not match that of cars like the focus or even the mazda 3, but it sure is well above average. moreover, the Civic’s aerodynamics suggest that it is built with performance in mind! however, i still dont find a reason for a full option civic to be priced at 75,000dhs when it still wears the drum brakes for rear wheels!!

  8. real cool car;but Subaru Impreza WRX
    better looking.

  9. O yeah thats true. based on the design themes, they arent comparablr cuz lancer is more european and impreza is more jap in design.

  10. From what i’ve read the new Impreza didn’t really get a thumbs up for it’s design…

  11. I know. the best japanese design goes hands down to mazda. from concepts to production cars. all look great. other japs have resorted to european designs.

  12. NO.1 TOYOTA
    NO.2 HONDA


  13. Jassim – You seem to be one of those typical blind followers. Tell me something, who do you think wins various classes of rally events around the world? Mitsubishi my friend. What say Boris?

  14. Its mitsubishi. Blind fans, are hard headed. it takes a long time for them to snap out of it but when they do they laugh at how they behaved as a blind fan. for the record real ranks list like this:
    1. Toyota
    2. GM
    3. Volkswagen
    4. Ford
    5. Hyundai-Kia
    6. Honda
    7. Nissan
    8. PSA/Peugeot
    9. Chrysler
    10. Fiat

  15. I’m sure mitsu is in the top 20 atleast

  16. No.1 Toyota
    No.2 Honda

    mannnn..Rolls Royce chairman has already started crying coz of wot Jassim said… πŸ˜†

  17. mitsubishi is the fastest arround the world..men

  18. Vivek – LOL. Agreed Toyota is no.1 around the world but when it comes from people living here it’s just out of blindness.

  19. its like that everywhere in the world and not just here. they just buy toyotas out of blindness. U.S. [and probably UAE as well] is the biggest contributer to toyota coming out on top.

  20. man…toyota in the last 3 years changed alot….let me tell you something….its easy to be number 1 between automakers…but its very hard to stay in that position…. πŸ˜‰

  21. changed alot in better way..except their car camry since we dont get the origenal one from japan.
    And i dont think toyota cars are expensive,
    2008 corolla 1.6 costs 53k and sunny costs 48k. corolla is larger and ABS is standard in it while there is no way to find ABSed sunny nowadays. Same thing with the base altima, no ABS in it, they saved some of the car amount and changed it with putting the useless keyless entry system as standard. Just to trick blinds.

    i asked many people about ABS and most of them didnt know anything about it.
    most people dont know what ABS is good for. Am i right?

  22. well I know why ABS is important and also know how it works. And our sportage’s ABS was in use once during those winter rains in jan. sportage also has TCS. not sure if that was ever in action though. sportage has gone through turns at 80 km/h sometimes but the ‘sport tuned’ suspenssion never made the car roll too much to activate the TCS. the manual says, if TCS is activated an alarm will sound [like the alarm that sounds when you take the car at 120 km/h].
    BTW, lancer costs 40k and the 2009 cerato might also cost the same but the cerato will come with lots more features and it looks european too [well, it is designed by a german designer]. The best toyota might be Land Cruiser or Yaris. none of their other cars apeal to me.

  23. man, the lancer 1.3 costs 40k. But i think the corrolla 1.6 should be compared with the 1.5 EX model which cost arround 50k.
    And the alarm is coming from the vsc system at high speed while the TCS is just working when you launch the car with hard throttle.

  24. assassin you are totally wrong…BTW:since you only know about toyota cars dont judge the other cars…our nissan sunny 2004 and not even the super saloon has ABS…so please dont say anything you dont know about it…the second thing is that you looked at the corolla only…please look at the 4 cylider camry that falls below the altima and the accord…some people told me the full option might reach more than 90K…please..and the land cruiser is nothing…its too expensive for the options it has. the altima has many options’am talking about the 4 cylinder’ that can be found only in cars that cost more than 100K…please dont make an excuse that the camry is brought from another country…the camry is shit and who ever thinks about it is just a blinded fan…the LC is nothin and you will see when the patrol is launched…the aurion is a 6 cylider camry with modifications to the front and the rear…i was shocked when i saw in one of the catalogs for land cruiser that 9 speakers are optional while you can find 9 speakers in the altima 4 cylider…the avalon is the only car that can be called a real toyota…the yaris is a piece of shit…go and see the tidda..am with you the corolla is much better than the sunny…the new infiniti cars are much much better than lexus cars from quality to performance…and i saw it in my own eyes many people(actually owners) are complaining about the over priced lexus LX and LS…although the LX is also an elephant with a bit of make up…you have to admit that even kia are putting more effort than toyota in the last period…and if you look at the sales of the cars in august in north america you will know what i mean..toyota is loosing too much and you people still saying that toyota is still as before…as i said before …if they still workin in the same way…i assure you that they will loose their position…you keep talking about the keyless entry and the start stop button and am happy…because all of those stuff are found in lexus cars and the expensive models in toyota while its standard in a 76000 altiam…wait…this is nothing…actually they build a new key for nissan cars that comes with a mobile…

  25. http://www.autoblog.com/2008/09/03/by-the-numbers-august-2008-new-digs-edition/
    take a look at this link and see who still survived from the increase prices of petrol and cars…and september data is coming….

  26. this is what nissan is trying to do…now even porsche is accusing nissan for their record…actually they are scared that they might not be able to come with a car 998 that can beat or even reach this record…thanks nissan…now i admit that they become like a bullet in their AZZ’s…

    hahaha am really happey…i hope that you are happy too assassin.

  27. man, i know every thing about nissan’s cars too. i used to be a fan of them when i was a kid. and about the sunny, i sayed nowadays which means the current model. man take some lessons from me, the 2008 sunny comes with one choice of options which doesnt have the ABS, i know about old models, as i sayed we had a sunny before. and our one was ((super touring)) term that came a limited edition in the of 1995 which includes great options and could to get it with ABS i’m sure that you know nothing about this term. am i right?? πŸ˜† .

  28. the model listed in the uae website for nissan says the sunny has ABS. is that the current model or something old?

  29. hey I’m no fan of toyota. when I say LC and yaris might be the best i only meant within toyota. Toyota sux and there’s no doubt about that. and thats proved with some of my comments on the article ’bout the new fortuner.

  30. and also you should know both altima and accord are sport-sedan cars while camry is a family sedan car that tuned to be comfortable so its not fair to compare it with them. Same thing with the fx35 and rx350, people compare between them and then they say fx is better in performance. Not fair at all, the rx should be an adventure car but the fx is street lovely car. Every car has its owen usage even camry, good to be a taxi car or something like that.
    And i dont know that much about infiniti and lexus but i know that lexus is too comfortable that feels you it doesnt go by tires, its flying man.
    cb, look at specification page, the ABS is not listed.

  31. There’s nothing called a sports sedan. They’re just family sedans but serious car makers put some extra thought or innovations into those regular family cars. And if you say sport sedan because accord and altima offer coupe versions well camry also has a coupe convertible called camry solace which isnt sold here. till now camry was only good for the taxi fleet but now even that post is not gonna last as the rta is getting price consious and are appointing sonatas and carnivals for the job.
    I like nissan but I will accept that sunny isnt the best of C-seg cars. more of a beginners’ car for driving schools which is what its post is right now.
    And for Lexus. well, luxury car makers should combine comfort and performance in one package. Lexus isnt that bad in performance are they? I dont feel they are. the IS-F and GS-F are proof but the RX doesnt look very aggressive or refined. just looks dated.

  32. about the ABS option…if you got this point from the internet then forget about it…you know that the dealers here are the worst in the whole world…and dont look at the specs from the website..i assure you that even some salesmen dont know about the options that come with the car…dont worry…i have to visit the dealer once a month for the service and i will try to ask about in the workshop.Assassin πŸ˜• :mrgreen: now you are telling me we cant compare the altima and the accord with the camry…you forgot when you was comparing the prado with the FX…and yes…you can compare those three sedans with each other…and the three have comfort seats and good also for a small family.
    you remember when mash post the review for the quality survey done by JD power and nissan was below average for 3 years old models…actually there was a survey for performance and the opposite was in the survey’nissan was in the top and toyota and honda were below it in the list’…carlos ghoson ordered the engineers in the company to train around 5000 engineers about the quality problems and how to solve them and they will be spread in different factories for nissan, for quality assurance and for any quality problem report. nissan used to suffer from quality issues but with their new models everything changed. nissan cars are known with their engines and performance. so its easy for nissan to increase the level of quality with the same level of performance and thats what they started to do….

  33. toyota vs. nissan wars???? mannnn!! πŸ˜†

  34. Guys.., This page is supposed to be comments for the 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback and guys are having a war of Toyota vs Nissan.. πŸ˜†

    Im sorry for Lancer lovers, but Mitsubishi has surely copied the Subaru WRX and produced this car. From the rear, it looks like a Ford Focus as well. Seems like all the rally cars will turn out to be hatchbacks..

  35. dont have to say sorry to lancer lovers. a large percentage of today’s cars look like a car from another make’s model. its very common these days.

  36. All we’ve been doing this week is bad mouthing Toyota/Honda and their respective dealers. Time for some constructive comments…

  37. I agree on Boris’s comments. I have heared that European Car makers have tried to take legal action against Korean car makers for copying there models. (Eg: The Hyundai Sonata H-Matic 2002 model is a true copy of the Jaguar S Type). Also to add, even the 2009 Hyundai Coupe concept is a copy of the
    Nissan GT-R. Since there is no such thing as Copyrights Reserved(R) for Car models, the Korean car makers are taking maximum advantage(stealing) of other car designs. This only brings down that particular car makers reputation.

  38. I feel the coupe looks like the infiniti G35 coupe. Idont see Gt-R in it though. ANd I wasnt talking about 2002 model cars because hyudai’s cars have got some designs of their own over the years. I’m talking about today’s cars. like accord, Cr-V, civic, lexus LX, and hundreds more. then we have the chinese brands. One make TOTALLY copy-pasted the design of BMWs X5 which resulted in BMW taking legal action against them. then there’s one which totally resembles the smart fortwo. There are thousands from chinese that resemble other cars 99%.

  39. Hi guys, I didnt have the nerves to read everything from what uv wrote, but I just wanna say something. 1. I have Lancer GT 2009 and there is NO way any of the “fillipino dream car” – Civic’s to be faster than the Lancer GT (if they are still stock)- simple mathematics!!!
    2.Master-Z, my friend – Subaru Imprezza and the Lancer Sportback have the same designer read a bit – than talk, and focus 08 was after the the Ralliart Lancer.
    All of my live I was driving ONLY japanease cars- once toyota – NEVER AGAIN! Toyota (apart of supra and celica) is one of the most boring cars ever! Even their design is boring along with Honda. There is absolutely no character in those cars. And guys (fans of toyota and honda), when someone says japanease sport car, what the people thing of – supra or s2000 😳 …. or 350Z and GT-R πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ ?!

  40. EVO as well, my mistake!

  41. Gentlemen,

    I would like to buy a new car. Perhaps I am familiar with lancer GLX,may be that’s the reason that I don’t feel good inside corolla/Yaris/Tida. I prefer a best combined sedan below Dhs.100,000. ( LancerEx or Civic in my preference) Can you guys please advise? 😐

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