Video of the week: Massa at Singapore F1

I usually don’t cover repetitive motorsports, but this weekend’s Singapore F1 grand prix, held for the first time during nighttime, saw race leader Felipe Massa take a little more than just fuel when he left the pit stop.

What do you think?



  1. lol i saw this live..although it wasn’t his decided to use a light system instead of a lollipop man and the system screwed up. turned green before hose was out and massa floored it.

  2. is that the fuel pipe? THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! HA HA HAAA!!!

  3. nice …. eid mubarak every one.. so lets enjoyyyy

  4. Eid Mubarak to all…hey mash i guess u should be giving more coverage for F1 news….its really becomin popular in this part of the world…anyways great video…i only read about it yest now got to watch it….thanks pal…

  5. i have read that it was a human error…some guy in the ferrari pit screwed it up…i guess similar incident happened at red bull pit when coulthard drove away with the fuel pipe….

  6. once massa stopped near the exit of the pit lane, some team memebers ran over to the car to get the pipe off. it seemed to have got jammed and it took 4 men to pull it out!

  7. hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….i swear i cant stop laughing …really its so funny how that guy flew like a piece of rock….. 😆 😆
    thanks god that pipe didnt hit anyone in the face or it will remove his face…

  8. I think I saw some fuel spray out when the pipe ripped off. Is it the regular fuel we use for our cars or a special mixture that suits 2.4L V8 engines spinning at over 10,000rpm?

  9. modern f1 cars use fuel almost similar in composition to regular fuel we use in cars. but they are allowed to add a little bit of chemicals into it which boosts the power of the car. for each track, teams will have a slightly different fuel composition. for eg. in monza, which is a high speed circuit, they might use a more powerful version of their fuel at the expense of increased engine wear.

  10. anyone notice the guy who fell push someone as soon as he gets up? I guess he’s the one that screwed up! 😆

  11. lol no1 screwed up…it was the computers fault. turned green before the hose was out…and no that wasn’t a push. he was trying to move out for kimi raikkonen’s car

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