All-new Aston Martin One-77 almost revealed

All-new Aston Martin One-77 almost revealed

As supercar sales slow down around the world due to economic issues, Aston Martin went ahead and announced an all-new flagship supercar called the One-77. Though only releasing dark teaser shots of the oddly-named car, simply brightening up the photos digitally reveals a whole lot more.

Information available so far suggests a lightweight aluminium-bodied coupe with a 7.0-litre (or larger) V12 engine, good for around 700 hp. The front-engined rear-wheel-drive platform will also feature adaptive suspension, automanual paddle-shifted gearbox, pop-up rear spoiler and ceramic brakes.

Reportedly priced at more than 1 million British pounds (that’s more than Dhs 7 million to us poor people), the One-77 will go on sale by the end of 2009.

What do you think?



  1. look awsome love this car

  2. AMs look great. the aston Rapide looks much better that the panamara/e. This one looks great too but what with the one-77 name? will it get a 7.7L engine?

  3. give the poor half this money and instead buy merc SLR

  4. Aston Martins are hand built. Just like the Rolls Royce.. Thatz why they are so expensive. Is the Merc SLR also hand made ??

  5. the GTR engine is a hand built also… 😉

  6. mine is a hand build too!

  7. loool assassin 😆 😆

  8. thatsit, i found that the old V8 LC is faster than mine from 0 to 40 kph but both will be in the same line at 70 kph and then after 70 the new will beat the old according to toyota4arab site and the acc of old v8 from youtube.
    I think because both have the same terque while the old is lighter.
    That means the old is better offroader.
    Im with you now. Toyota started to build craps.


  9. the problem is not sure there is something wrong with toyota…it wasnt like this……they need to move faster…as you can see assassin, even kia started to show that they are able to join the big companies…toyota is going to loose a lot if they stay like this…..lets hope not….am waiting for the lexus supercar and the coming F brand from lexus 😉 ….did you see the new Z370 model???
    take a look…its like the coming Maxima from inside…. :mrgreen:–rendering

  10. What is going on? Why that word is green??
    Anyway, the new LC has great resale value because it still a Toyota and the 2009 models are more expensive about 20k Dhs, and the cheaper LCs that sold in KSA will not effect to the Alfutaim LCs resale value since KSA dealer sells fake LCs .
    Now, there are 2 cars in my mind, the new Mitsubishi Evolution and G35.
    Thatsit(mohamad) what would you prefer??

  11. mash, i sent to you an e-mail that contains bad things. have you received it?
    it didn’t appear in the sent items of my mailbox.
    if you got it, would you like to get like these messages in the future? or you get pissed off.

  12. i like this car but can i pay cash or c card

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