Lamborghini Estoque concept sedan revealed

Lamborghini Estoque concept sedan revealed

While the brainless general media is still chasing stupid teaser images of the upcoming Lamborghini concept sedan, we can always depend on the web to leak information early. The car has been fully revealed on the internet, and it is called the Lamborghini Estoque.

The Lamborghini Estoque will be shown at the upcoming 2008 Paris Auto Show.

Since it is in concept form, there are no specific mechanical details yet, although speculation suggests the engine from the Gallardo LP560 resides under the bonnet.

Incidentally, this is Lamborghini’s first modern four-door front-engined design since the early 1980s, when they dabbled in off-roaders.

Considering many sports-car makers are in the process of developing their own four-door sedans, the Estoque looks like a sure bet for production.

What do you think?



  1. nice four door awsome

  2. looks damn good! Love it!!! looks better than the rapide and panamera! Especially cuz of the sharp edges that makes it lamborghini. mmmmm…!

  3. that only automaker who succeded in making a 4 door coupe car was aston…there is something wrong in its design

  4. Now this is a looker!!

  5. I know I love it!!! no flaws in the design as in the rapide and panamera who have an all curves design.

  6. HEY people! Its press day at the paris autoshow today 2nd october. The long awaited event is finally here!
    well, atleast for the press, it is. the motorshow will be open to the public on 4th.

  7. Now this is what u call Exotic..!! Supereb move by Lamboghini.. Hope they make it better handling than the Murcielago..

  8. broad car, low-profile tyres as wide as you see dont go hand in hand with good handling.

  9. UGLY!!!!!!!!!! This is MAJOR disapointing, looks like a VW, porsche or audi crap…looks souless like VW goup cars. Sad what the Germans are doing to this Great Italian Car. Has hints of many other cars, including the new Dodge Charger (or it it Challenger?).
    Wonder wer they will fit the front number plate!

  10. Now This Is A Car I Wouldnt Mind Paying For. I Hope Its Worth Every Penny

  11. This car is very attractive and will get everyone to look. This car would be very successful from my opinion. It’s sporty, seats five, must be faster then a Porsche, and the rims are amazing! If this car went into production… I would definitely purchase one. (Even tho Lamborghini will prabaly price it at about $200,000)

  12. awsome man i love this car

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