Lexus IS 250 C hardtop convertible debuts

Lexus IS 250 C hardtop convertible debuts

It’s been in the works for years, but Toyota has finally got off their lazy asses and built it. The Lexus IS convertible just debuted at the 2008 Paris Auto Show. Called the IS 250 C, it features a folding metal top and revised overall dimensions.

The new convertible uses the 208 hp 2.5-litre V6 from the existing non-GCC IS 250 sedan. Expect to see the GCC-spec 3.0-litre V6 if the car makes it to Dubai.

The IS 250 C actually has longer front and rear overhangs than the tightly-designed sedan, and the convertible version looks longer too.

The aluminium hardtop folds down in 20 seconds, which Lexus claims is the quickest ever made.

The interior is largely the same as that of the sedan, differing only in back half. The rear seats are now even more cramped. Twin roll-hoops are fixed behind the rear headrests, instead of the pop-up design used in other upscale convertibles.

The overall design could’ve been better, considering how bloated it looks from the rear, but at least Lexus now has a wider range in its compact line-up. We always support reliable alternatives to German luxo-sports models.

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  1. alright. doesnt look too bad but I was expecting more after seeing the LX.

  2. nice move from lexus…actually thanks god they moved their azzes…the car looks as the normal sedan one but there are some changes in the rear lights. the engine is very very good for a 2.5 but the good thing its a V6…i think if they removed the rear seats it would be better..they are really cramped…i hope this one will come compete with the BM’s

  3. those rear seats are suppose to be there in cars called coupes and this is a cabrio coupe. if they’re not there, it will be called a very low on power 2 seat sports car.

  4. well lots of news from the paris motor show. Mash, I think you’ll have to post ATLEAST 2-3 articles per day to keep up lol. :mrgreen:

  5. Author

    I think I am on extended Eid break.

  6. bad looking ugly car that carrying a crap badge.

    mash, what was better in handling? the crap IS300 or the great G35?
    Waiting the answer.

  7. i have a doubt about this “The aluminium hardtop folds down in 20 seconds, which Lexus claims is the quickest ever made”…Mazda MX 5 hard top folds in 12sec…its the fastest folding hard top…yeah maybe accordin to toyota standard 20 sec might be quick…anyways it doesnt look as good as 3 series convertible…from behind it looks kinda like the Volvo C70….from the teaser pics i guess G35 convertible looks better than IS250C….

  8. Somehow this car only looks good with the top(side profile). Other than that it’s a typical Lexus in terms quality, fit & finish. I can only imagine what Al Futtaim would charge for it if it ever came here…

  9. Lexus has a negative point for not having enough rear leg space.. Seems like they have proven it again.. 😐

  10. all coupes have poor leg space. that seems to have become the norm design rules for coupes.

  11. ya but whats the price?

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