All-new 2010 Mazda 3 revealed early

All-new 2010 Mazda 3 revealed early

The 2010 Mazda 3 is due to be unveiled on November 19 at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show. However, the internet beats all else again, and first images of the new car are out in the open.

More details and photos will follow later. It is reasonable to expect 2.0-litre and 2.5-litre engines under the hood for the American market. Sadly, the GCC will only see these engines in the larger 6, and the 3 will probably get a crappy 1.6-litre again, as before.

What do you think?



  1. nice car,but needs more powerful engines.

  2. Always I am impressed with the Mazda 3, 6 design.
    The 2010 model look really nice.

  3. i dnt like mazda 3

  4. cool design i luv it πŸ˜‰

  5. Maani – I’m sure alot of us here would rather buy this over a Corolla or a Civic seeing as these cars arent that great to look at. I just hope the 3 comes with engines that have decent performance as the current model has an underpowered engine…

  6. looks more sporty and muscular though its got the basic shape of the current model…GCC market badly needs a 2.0ltr or atleast the 1.8ltr engine seen on mazda 6 models in euro market…then it can directly compete with civic and corolla in this market….

  7. nice looking car

  8. mazda would be stupid to not offer a 2.0L to match the looks. it has to be 1.6 and 2.0L options. whats wrong with mazda offering crappy engines like 1.6? dont they know who has the cheaper oil and can afford to run a 2.0 and 2.5? they better have a 2.0L.

  9. another killer design frm mazda yet again!..go mazda go!!..mazda’s new cars are soo much of an improvement from their older models..n that is something we don’t really see from some other “big-time” manufacturers..n my new 6 is running gr8…good power and excellent mileage (480-500kms frm a tank – tatz abt 78 dhs of petrol)…for the same amt of fuel, my 2.0L mondeo runs for no more than 400kms!!..but yea, the mondeo is heavier than my 2.5L mazda!..nywayz,good job Mazda..n keep rocking!

  10. oh yea..I just hope that they don’t kill the 3 with tat piece-of-crap 1.6L engine!!!..if they do so, thn tat wud b soo stupid of ’em, as Boris said..

  11. nice design but same as mazda 6, i thought there wud be some change , anyways in UAE its not a sucessfull car..

  12. Rhymes – although the 3 hasn’t garnered sales comparitive to the Corolla or Civic it has still managed to sell in really good numbers.

    Guys, would anyone know where one could go to get minor scuffs & scratches, on alloy wheels,repaired?

  13. u r rite RayD…compared to other cars in that segment Mazda 3 managed a pretty good sales even with that 1.6ltr engine…once i have driven it and it wasnt that bad engine…surely its not as powerful as civic or corolla…but the drive feel of mazda 3 cant be matched by corolla or civic…moreover u can get a fully loaded mazda 3 for the price of a base model civic or corolla…that too with many options which are not even offered in full option civic or corolla….only disadvantage of mazda 3 in this market was its engine….if u look at the comparison tests in US market of mazda3 Vs Civic most of the time mazda3 was a better car in all aspects…

  14. Mazda’s new engines since the maz6 aren’t actually their own. they are actually ford engines that mazda has tweaked for more torque. And I must say our maz6 was one heck of a car when it came to acceleration.

  15. Galadari Automobiles must hate making profits, and they surely lack business sense, who in the right mind would deny car-crazy middle east with these bullock carts.
    I followed the Mazda6 from spyshots to production and launch only to be disappointed with the engine choices.
    Unless Mazda has an agreement with Galadari that says we need our 1.6 and 2.0 engine factories and employees and Dubai will pay for them.

    Mazda and Subaru to Al-Futtaim !!!!!
    Galadari should stick to printing khaleej times.

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  17. where’s my comment! πŸ‘Ώ

  18. ACE – I and quite a number of us here have been following the 6 from spyshots to production as well and know the engines offered here are the same as the ones offered around the world barring,of course,the V6. Unless you are looking for a deisel variant or a 1.8ltr,you will agree the engines we are getting are good. If you look at the spec sheet the 6 isn’t short on performance or features when compared to the top 3 Jap brands. Infact, the 6 is faster from 0-100 than the Camry & Accord and provides better fuel economy too. As for features/contents, you get more for less. I will stop buying Mazda products if the dealership switches to Al Futtaim/Trading Entp. – these dealers sell cars at a much higher price than what they are actually worth. Also, barring Honda and maybe Volvo & the Chrysler brands, Al Futtaim/Toyota’s after sales service sucks!! I meet people everyday who have a complaint or two. Galadari have improved their after sales service significantly. Yes, they are a little behind when compared to Honda/Volvo etc & Nissan’s dealers but they are far ahead of Toyota and many other dealers, selling luxury cars, in the country.
    As for the 3 it does lag behind in terms of power but provides a much better drive. Infact, it came 2nd to the VW Golf/Rabbit in a comparo done by a leading car mag in the US. The Civic came 3rd and the Corolla came 5th πŸ˜‰ . The 3 does come with the same engines available in the 6 but bringing them here would mean increasing the price of the car. And looking at the mentality of the buying public here,they think it is beneath them to pay above a certain amount for a Mazda or a few other brands, which to me is quite sad. They would rather pay more for a Toyota/Honda even if these cars came with less features/content – one reason why Galadari had to bring in a cheaper variant.

  19. RayD – You raise valid points about the mentality of the people regarding Mazda’s . Im not talking about the diesel variants. Im talking only about the Mazda6 V6 3.7, 272 horses. I know the currently available Mazda 6 is a very good car in terms performance and handling, no questions about that. My rant is why can’t Galadari offer the option to me, let me decide if I want to pay extra for the 3.7, and not shove the 2.0/2.5 down my throat.
    You will always find people complaining about service, thats what people do. Its great if you say Galadari has raised its game, I have no personal experience.
    All the other dealers offer atleast 3 trims or more. Why can’t Galadari do the same. Why cant they be pro-promotions and events, pro-advertising, why cant they raise the profile of the product, why dont they give out their cars out for testing to DriveArabia(Mash has a age-old review for this model).
    If you’re gonna say that all this will raise the price of the car, then its extremely poor business sense. Let the people decide, the dealer should influence the people not limit their choices.
    The dealer makes the brand in the country and look where Al-Futtaim has taken Toyota, Its as if Galadari is almost ashamed of having Mazda.

  20. Ace – Galadari aren’t ‘shoving’ anything down your throat. It’s your choice to buy the products they are offering. If that’s how you feel,then let me tell you that Toyota/Honda did or are doing exactly the same thing by offering a limited choice of models + your paying more per model for less content/features. The only difference being,they marketed their respective models well plus the brands speak for themselves. Mazda had good products 15-20 years ago but somehow lost their way in the ninties. The 6 and subsequently the 3 put them back on the map. The CX9 is doing the same thing as well. I’ve asked quite a number of people if they would consider spending over a 100k for a Mazda sedan(V6) and most of the replies I received were negative; strange seeing as the products offered are much better now and that the service levels have improved considerably.
    I will agree that Galadari aren’t doing enough. You will find very few print/Radio/TV ads out there. Their business sense is lacking but they are trying(sorta). Also, doing promotions etc isn’t a factor for increasing prices of the models offered, it has purely to do with the options/engines offered. For example,a 2ltr Mazda 3 would cost more than a 1.6ltr and so on. I understand where your coming from but like I said in my previous para people here aren’t ready to pay more for a Mazda or certain other good brands available in this country. They are ready to pay more for a Corolla/Civic with less features but won’t do the same for any Mazda product. However, Mazda’s market share is improving, albiet slowly. The resale value of 2nd hand Mazdas have increased as well. Did you know Subarus sell better in Oman than they do here? And that’s an amazing car manufacturer! The dealer is to blame.
    As for the V6, I hear it is coming to the GCC(not sure when) therefore this wish of yours will be/is being fulfilled πŸ™‚ . I am looking forward to it coming here and I’m sure there are many others who are too.

  21. In this day, I would assume consumers have the information and intelligence to know what they’re buying, and alot of people value the ‘brand’ more than the product. If people choose to pay more for toyota/honda its their fair judgement.
    If there’s is a model/product that mazda has (3.7, V6) which Galadari wont offer as their ‘Offical Dealer’ then I think Im right in assuming that they’re shoving other products down my throat, which I dont want to pay for. I want to pay for a choice Mazda offers, Im not wrong in expecting their dealer to provide it.
    If Toyota/Honda are providing limited choices its probably because they can afford to, they have acheived a level in customer satisfaction whereby they(dealers) can decide what products to launch here. As opposed to Galadari/Mazda who’ve lost the plot in the nineties. They should provide every model they can, to the customers, to build up their brand and achieve the levels of toyota/honda.
    I’ve asked alot of people the same questions regarding paying 110k for a Cx-9 and the replies were negative too, who dyu think is responsible for this?
    I went to the CX-9 launch at the Dubai Auto Show in 2007, and was disappointed to not see parking sensors front or behind, now this is kind of thing you shouldn’t do when you’re launching a brand new concept in 2008 !
    Subaru and Khoory Automobiles is another disaster! Khoory must’ve definately opened a real estate division, dont see how else they could be surviving.

  22. Well, let’s not forget the amazing Mazda 3 Speed, which is equipped with the famous 2.3 turbo engine!! That engine is ranked one of the top engines worldwide!!

  23. its the mazdaspeed3 and theres a mazdaspeed6 and it will not come in UAE. the mazdaspeed editions never came here and I doubt they will for a long time. their just for US.

  24. we also miss the famous RX 8 in GCC market….mazda should be launching full fleet in this market including the CX7, RX8 and Mazda 2….when CX9 came to this market we never thought it would sell like hot cake….now we see lots of CX9 on uae roads…mazda cars are really value for money…RayD its a good news that mazda 6 3.7 v6 is commin to this market….they should be positionin it as something more upscale like how toyota have placed aurion in this market though its almost a V6 version of camry….

  25. we dont want the RX8 here. the stupid rotary engine will just spoil mazda’s name if it comes here. people who have it just hate the damn thing and its damn hard to find a positive owner’s review about the engine! if it came with IC engine, then I’d except but the rotary is not worth the gamble!

  26. I dont know about the customer feedback…but RX8’s 1.3ltr renesis rotary engine is considered are 1 of the best engine…even it has got lots of awards of best in previous years also featured in the list of top 10 engines in year 2004 & 2005…i dont deny the fact that rotary engines are trouble free…earlier models did have problems like oil leakage etc…since the time of launch they have rectified many complaints of the earlier models and now the new engines are almost trouble free….i dont think ppl hate rotary engine becuz RX7 which had rotary engine is still considered as an iconic car…i have never read a negative review about this car and even long term tests shows that its not a bad car at all….RX8 has got a big market in US europe and japan….

  27. Ace – Although the buying public here has the all information required the intelligence is a bit lacking. It pains to see so many resurging brands not being given a chance, in this market, when they are in other parts of the world. Yes, brand loyalty counts but would you continue to buy a product from a ‘leading’ brand even if said brand had earlier sold you a flawed product(s)? That’s exactly what’s happening here. You have raised very valid points which are quite commendable but such is the scenario in the GCC. Saying a dealer is ‘shoving’ something on you seems a bit harsh but I understand where you’re coming from. Sometimes, more than the dealer it is the manufacturer that calls the shots with regards what products they want to launch in a particular region. As for Al Khoory, I believe they have diverse businesses and therefore are able to survive. If they had business sense they would have realized that a huge ton of money can be made promoting Subaru, seeing as we are a car crazy bunch in this region. Oh well.
    Zao – I agree Mazda should bring all or most of its products in order the give the buying public a varied choice plus increase its appeal here. I’m really not sure if or when the 3.7ltr 6 is coming but if it does, especially at a price lower than what the β€˜Top 3’ are offering for their respective models, it will surely take the game away from them. As for the RX8, I’m with you on this one. I’m sorry Boris but I will have to disagree with you this time. The RX8 is an amazing car. Yes, the early editions, although amazing to drive & good value for money in all respects, had a few niggles; namely, poor mileage and excessive use of engine oil. However, the ’08-’09 was launched recently – considerable improvements to the drive train and minor changes to the looks(lights, bumpers, wheels) have been made to keep it in the game. A new model is currently in the design/engineering phase and we should be able to see it in a year or two. I’ve heard this car will exceed expectations πŸ˜€

  28. RayD- Tough love buddy, sugar-coated chocolate decisions don’t run businesses. People will only give a second chance when they see something concrete and presentable brought to them.
    Which brand is selling flawed products ?
    Im sure Mazda,Japan has heard of a booming city in the middle east called Dubai.

  29. Mazda 6 3.7 v6 coming here???? 😯 holy crap; temme the wait is gon’ b for 2-3 years or elz i shud’ve really waited πŸ™ πŸ™

  30. And Ace, i saw those humungous comments from both you and RayD :P…well, i stand neutral..there are some aspects which I feel Galadari has to improve on, like the advertising part..And those showrooms surely need some renovation!!…Morever, some of their salesmen lack in-depth knowledge about the cars they are selling..for an instance, when i visited both the Dubai and Sharjah showrooms of Galadari, I was welcomed by these gentlemen who told me that the full option mazda 6 never came with side-curtain airbags; and my car has it. They also never knew what a “sub-woofer” was!! All they had to say was that there is a Bose sound system and 8 speakers!! One of the guyz also did not know about the horsepower rating for the car’s engine; and just told me tat it is as powerful as a Camry, Accord and Altima!!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† ..Their service center can also be better, by providing customers the option for alternate transport (Rent-A-Car), especially since their service centres are in locations whre finding a cab is Mission Impossible 4!! Would you guyz b’lieve if I say that my Mazda 6 was the first 2009 model some of my frnds and relatives ever saw?? So that is their advertising! Whereas I am dead sure that there isn’t even a single being who hasn’t seen the latest Corolla! What more, inspite of the quiet launch of 1.5L Yaris, the news spread like a forest fire!.

    However, I agree with RayD about the mindset of a majority of the people here in Dubai. It is Toyota, Honda and Nissan that rule the roads here, simply because people trust them blindly. True, their prev gen cars were really good n reliable. But that intense trust they have for the brand has made them blind, the reason for their negligence of better cars from other brands. Randomly ask anyone abt their preferred automobile brand, and 9 out of 10 ppl will be interested only in a Toyota or Honda!!! When I bought a Ford Mondeo 2 years ago, almost everyone I saw told me that I was making a mistake..And today I drop most of ’em to various local garages in Rashidiya in my Ford, to collect their Toyotas and Hondas tat were given for repairs after the 2nd and evn 3rd breakdowns, when those cars have run only a little more than half the kms I’ve covered in my car!..History repeated when I was going for my Mazda 6 a couple of months ago; and I am sure that the ending too, is going to be pretty much the same!! However, things are changing, I must say. Again, thank the ruling brands for their insane price tags!

  31. i am using a 2006 model Mazda 6 2 ltr 2nd option…when i was looking for the car my family relatives and friends asked me to go for camry altima or accord…even the base model of those 3 were expensive than my 2nd option m6…i got everything like cruise control, alloys, spoiler, climatic control, tiptronic, TCS & ABS, radio control on steering….it was really value for money. …its now 2yrs and 4 months…my odo is now 126000 KM …to be honest i am a rough driver…till now i didnt have any major issues with my car….every 20,000KM i send it to galadari service and in between i change oil frm outside…i have compared the maintanance cost of Mazda 6 with other japanese models…service charges are much cheaper…parts are also cheaper than honda and nissan…believe me guys in long term its much easier to maintain new generation mazda cars than those BIG 3 names…ppl in this part of the world should change their perception….and i am glad about 1 thing…i am not driving 1 of those taxi cars (camry altima).

  32. Ace – Sugar coated chocolate decisions do not run businesses but second chances, especially in this market, aren’t given either – Vivek has pointed this out in his post. As for flawed products, Vivek has clearly pointed that out as well. You also have the European brands that can’t seem to run without a single hiccup in this region but somehow people still choose to pay a lot to buy them. Everyone’s heard of Dxb being a ‘booming’ city, that’s why everyone’s building something or the other here or are dumping their 4x4s here β€˜cause they are finding it difficult to sell them back home.
    Vivek – Your always neutral man :P…hehehe. Buddy, I ‘heard’ the 3.7ltr is due in the 1st quarter of 2009 but I can’t confirm this; will try and dig out info for you. I have a feeling you should have waited :P. As for Galadari’s sales & after sales service, they aren’t the only one’s who have flawed salesmen. There are other dealers whose salesmen no nothing about the cars being sold. Sad but true. Two things going in Galadari’s favour at the moment are:
    1. After you have completed all formalities with regards your intended purchase and are all set to drive off the salesman will take the time to sit with you and run you through the features, how to set stuff etc.
    2. A week or 10 days after you have collected your car from the service center a customer service rep will call to inquire if the car is running fine, if the service adviser was helpful etc.
    Al Futtaim – Toyota does none of the above. So you see Galadari are trying. Yes, their service facilities are situated in odd locations and they don’t provide a ‘rent-a-car’ but they are trying to improve. This goes for a few other dealers/brands too. I hear Galadari is opening a new showroom somewhere on SZR.
    Zao – Glad to hear, after all the mileage your 6 has covered, it still drives like it did the day you took it out of the showroom. Yes, Mazdas are cheap to run. Toyotas sold ’cause the Corolla was meant to be the everyman’s car – reliable and cheap to run. Somehow, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

  33. RayD – tatz ‘coz i prefer 2 enjoy the best of both worlds..hehe πŸ˜† …and abt the V6; sheesh, first quarter of 2009..i must’ve been a l’il more patient πŸ™ πŸ™ far as i read abt the american v6, it seems tat it kills everythin elz in it’s class in terms of performance…the 2.5 is amazing, so wot wud the 3.7 v6 be??…abt the Galadari service; yes, i did receive a call frm ’em after abt a couple of weeks of my car’s first service…and b4 driving off in the new car, the sales guy took me thru the basics of the car…but thse weren’t new to me, since Al Tayer does exactly the same thing..n they hav all the other amenities that i’ve suggested for Galadari πŸ™‚ ..I dont say Galadari’s service is bad; frm the initial look of things..and it wud be just great if they open a showroom and service centre in SZR; i guess except ’em almost everyone else are present thre..however, as u said, the other “big-timers” dont have time for follow-ups and stuff!!

    Zao: Man, u have driven a loooottt!!!!!!…126K kms in 2 years and 4 months…I cud reach only 92K in my mondeo whch is over 2 and half years old!! :P…i did the rest 5.2K in my new mazda…still i’m not upto ur mark :D..however, I agree with one thing that u said…Cars frm the 3 leaders, which are known to be cheap whn it comes to service & maintenance, are actually costly. What more, my Ford Mondeo’s service is much cheaper. Mondeo’s service interval falls at every 10K kms, and i pay only abt 500 dhs on an average; while service costs for al futtaim is more or less the same, the fact is tat the owners hav 2 pay tat same amt at every 5K intervals!!! so technically, wot they spend for a corolla’s or camry’s maintenance is almost twice what I spend on my Mondeo’s!! :P..And the spare parts cost; well, not only that Honda’s spare parts are costlier, whn it comes 2 parts subject to wear n tear, they are generally less durable!! Nissan is comparitively better, but still has higher price tags for spares!! All I wonder is, when the public really gets to know all this. Tell all this to a normal chap on the road, and he’ll still say Corolla is the cheapest to maintain..Yea, probably tat good old ’96 model; but definitely not the current gen car!

  34. Heya guys, i dont know what you guys are arguing about, ultimately, both Ray’D and ACE like Mazda’s, these cars like you guys said are reliable and cheaper to maintain, as far as engine options go, well there seems to be nothing more that we could do, except hope Galadari offers such an option..So chill out brothers 😎
    But on another account, people who buy toyotas and hondas also buy them cos of the resale value, which mazda seem to have lost it some where along the road.So ultimately its more or less like a loop, people dont buy these vehicles because of the resale value, and since people done buy these as compared to toyotas, the resale value drops.
    Ohh nd FYI, Nissan did have the same procedures when i bought my pathy, they walked me through some of the features of the car and a Rep did call me back,may be a week after the purchse, to see how things were going with the car, service attitude, helpfulness and so on..In addition to this, they also send me notices when ever my service period is due..

  35. Spyke – Ace and I aren’t arguing, we were just putting our points across. Also, it has nothing to do with loving Mazdas. I was also referring to other brands who have really good products, namely Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, Daihatsu etc., but aren’t given a second look – these brands are doing quite well in other parts of the world but due to the mindset here are still considered below one’s dignity to buy. As for Nissan, I agree that they are only the one’s out of the ‘Top 3’ who’s cars sell at competitive prices and also provide good service to their customers.

  36. We’re going around in circles.
    Vivek – I’m not suprised at the ignorance of salesmen, they might be plumbers by profession.
    And there are alot of aspects Galadari has to improve on to make Mazda a ‘respectable brand’ ,When I was growing up in dubai, I remember Mazda making it the Big 4, then why is it that they’re left behind now ? Never in my previos comments have I doubted the performance or reliability of the Mazda, you can sell shit claiming it to be chocolate thats the power of Marketing and Imaging, its all about placement. Its all about making your product visible, how else would customers know.
    The advertising brings the customers to the showrooms, whats the point of making a great car sit in the showroom without anyone knowing about it ? Even Kia by now must’ve overtaken Mazda in terms of sales, dyu think their car beats Mazda ? when kia came into the market they had a great campaign, I think they were offering 5 years unlimited warranty or something ridiculous, did it not help in placing their brand in the market? Dyu not see more Kia’s then mazda’s on road now ?
    When mazda attempted to come back with the Mazda 3 and 6, was there a promotion, launch or anything remotely extravagant ? (its an honest question, coz I don’t know)
    The most succesful roadster Mx-5 came here, where’s the blooming publicity !!!
    People like extravagance, they have to make use of their Sales/Marketing budget…I’ve never seen a mazda ad in gulfnews, there’ll be full page ads in khaleejtimes though. No harm in using your own newspaper but it shows mentality.
    RayD – Like I said in a previous comment, Second chances will be given when you see its worth giving a second chance. Think about it, If a person has to give 100,000 to a private fund manager to invest in property today, who dyu think will he trust more, a fund manager who pulls up in a Lexus and takes you to his plush office in Business bay or a fund manager who comes in a beat up camry and takes you to his office in qusais Industrial warehouse area. I don’t make judgements about you. For most people, they would like to invest with the lexus guy coz they can see the extravagance in him. And people would also like to pull up in a lexus and be like him, or atleast make enough money like him.
    People like to believe that they’re buying something that has image/personality and is expensive. Mazda’s image has been beating with a bat, as materialistic it may sound, it makes a difference in which car you’re seen.
    People buy European brand coz of their image and the brand value attached to it. Im sure they know that those cars are expensive to maintain.
    Like Spyke said we can hope galadari offers better options. My view is “up your game or let someone else handle it”. If a Mazda is considered below dignity it is Galadari/Mazda’s responsibility to market it as a premier brand. Offer free registration, insurance, 3-5 year unlimited warranties, free services, offer freebie features (alloy wheels, roof rails, bumper bars, etc..)
    I just saw pictures of the 2009 Mazda6, looks awesome, jus hope these aged-policymakers at galadari bring it here.

  37. Ace: Even Kia by now must’ve overtaken Mazda in terms of sales, dyu think their car beats Mazda ? when kia came into the market they had a great campaign, I think they were offering 5 years unlimited warranty or something ridiculous, did it not help in placing their brand in the market? Dyu not see more Kia’s then mazda’s on road now ?–
    yes Hyundai-Kia has overtaken Mazda in global sales and now stand in 5th position. The 5 years unlimited warranty is for Mohave and Opirus only and the rest get a 5 yr 100 000 km warranty or 130 000 km for fleet buyers. Kia also does a lot of sponsorong like for the FIFA, Australian open [tennis], NBA etc. Great promotion offers like 80% money back chance if you buy sportage and they advertize like crazy I tell you. This is how they make themselves known. I’ve noticed Mazda has recently started to advertize a little seriously and this could help them a little.

  38. Ace: The most succesful roadster Mx-5 came here, where’s the blooming publicity !!!—
    the prob is that there’s no auto tranny option. and BTW, the 2009 maz6 was here from a long time. we didnt get the 2008 model.

  39. Yup, the new 6 and the MX5 have been here a while now. It’s true there aren’t many takers for the MX5 for want of a auto ‘box here. In my opinion a sports car cannot be considered one if it comes with an auto.
    Ace – Mazda was actually part of the Big 3. Honda’s were considered a little upscale back in the day ’cause they were slightly expensive to purchase and run. Unfortunately for Mazda, they lost the plot in the nineties. I understand what you mean when it comes to extravagance etc. but don’t you think that’s being a little unfair? This also goes for many other brands(Hyundai, Kia, Suzuki etc.). Yes, Hyundai-Kia have a better ad campaign compared to Galadari and they do sponsor quite a number of events, however people buying these cars are doing so because they find the Jap brands expensive to purchase/maintain now. Plus that 100k km/5 year warranty is a bonus. As for Mazda/Galadari ads in Gulf News, i’ve seen quite a number of them. I’ve also seen TV ads and heard a few radio ads but of course this isn’t enough. Galadari should up their game by providing better services as well offering promotions of various kinds to attract more customers…
    WOW! It’s almost a week since we started posting our opinions and we’re still at it! 😎

  40. not only good promotions. Hyundai-Kia advertizes with prices. If mazda just shows an ad of an expensive looking car and not telling ppl that its actually not as expensive by price as its looks, who’s gonna bother? they’ll just think its another car for ppl living in Jumeirah.

  41. As for the MX5. I’m not saying it has to be fully auto but atleast semi auto like in the GT-R. auto tranny and paddle shifters. And mazda can do this cuz they already have this in the maz6 ’09

  42. Vehicles like S2000 and MX-5s are for car enthusiasts who like driving manual cars,and in saying that i dont think its everyones cup o tea.. so i guess they’re not makin it a big deal cos its selling pretty good overseas..

  43. we are gettin the euro version of the MX5 and it doesnt have an auto version….but the american MX5 has got a 6 speed auto with paddle shifters….now when they released the facelifted MX5 for 2009 they have announced auto for euro version tooo…so hopefully we would get an auto mx 5 here by next year….By the way guys its true that Mazda 6 3.7ltr V6 is commin to UAE market…today i have been to AUH mazda showroom and they said they expect it to come in November but dates are not yet confirmed and its the american version which is bigger is size than what we have here now…so i guess they plannin to place it directly against aurion and altima….

  44. LOL guys i guess MAZDA is the hottest discussion topic of recent times….no other posts had this many comments and discussions….that itself shows the popularity and value of MAZDA in this market….

  45. Mash! its high time u give test drive reports of MAZDA cars…hope u will get to test them soon….

  46. Actually, I remember a topic with over 150 comments!!!

  47. 46 commentss for a mazda 3….not bad at all!!!! ;)…Mazda is gaining some more recognition i guess! πŸ˜€

  48. My comments might come across as “unfair”, but anything less than the best is not good enough in my opinion.
    Spyke – I think Mx-5 is pretty good everyday roadster, it doesnt make sense to launch it here if they’re not gonna focus on using the massive reliability record the car enjoys worldwide. The fact that its selling great overseas should be motivation enough to make it a greay buy here.

  49. Hi to everybody!
    Does anybody know where i can buy DOOR MIRROR (right side) to my Mazda3?
    Because it’s the great problem to find it in my country.Please, advise…..

  50. from the mazda dealers off course…

  51. πŸ™„ i like mazda3 2009 but i like more mazda3 2010
    its my lovvvvvvvvvvvvvely car . its my car

  52. Any idea when the the 2010 Mazda 3 is going to be released in the UAE?

  53. Dear Boris(K-sport), the subject is clearly abou the Mazda.. whats your point of adding the photos of the latest Kia Soul…. nice photos though…

  54. in short,
    just imagine if 3 was also a taxi like corolla how many we would have sold…. 3 made a record 2 million units sold in 5 years…. a big hand to mazda 3 ‘s subperb controls…
    mazda 3 is a father of corolla and civic,Dear mazda 3 im sorry u had to wait all this time to become a succeess, but as they say it doesnt matter as long as u make it in the end,guys, our mazda 3 is here to stay and my sources tell me u will get at least 1.8 L 3 engine ,so dont worry, 3 is coming in september 2009 , im buying it as soon as it comes, make sure u all do too, this time, our stylish zoom zoom 3 is going to clean sweep all blasted grandpa civics and uncle corolla’s…
    way to go 3 …..

  55. @ Rashed…. 1.8L engine in mazda 3,,, sure that would be a nice step forward… anyway september is comming soon and we will see… πŸ™„

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