2009 Honda Civic hits Dubai showrooms

2009 Honda Civic hits Dubai showrooms

The Honda Civic, which remained unchanged since 2006, has received a minor facelift for the 2009 model year.

The 2009 Civic, as seen at Dubai and other UAE dealerships, now has a redesigned front grille, a reshaped bumper, and not much else new on the outside.

Trim levels include the basic LXi, the mid-level EXi and the top VTi, all sharing the same 1.8-litre engine, now rated at 138 hp and 174 Nm of torque. Standard features on all trims now include 16-inch wheels, ABS brakes, dual front airbags, CD/MP3 player, cruise control, body-coloured exterior trim, power windows and mirrors, and a 5-speed automatic gearbox, with a manual gearbox available only on the LXi. The EXi receives a standard automatic gearbox only, and adds stability control, optional sunroof, turn signals on the mirrors, upgraded stereo with 4 speakers, USB jack and steering wheel controls, and outside temperature gauge. The VTi adds side-curtain airbags, 16-inch alloy wheels, standard automatic gearbox with paddle shifters, standard sunroof, optional leather, automatic a/c, chrome exhaust tip, foglights and HID headlights.

With these additional standard features, expect yet another minor jump in prices, as the compact Civic almost becomes a competitor to basic midsize sedans. The new model is now on sale in the GCC.

For updated information, check out the Honda Civic car buyer guide.

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  1. “expect yet another ‘minor jump’ in prices” is an understatement!!
    Paddle shifters will make it a little more interesting, seeing as this car didn’t come with a tiptronic ‘box.

  2. O they didnt have to… Civic when launched was already ahead of competition by deisgn and now its in line. they should just refresh it and start from the ground-up and take ahead again like mazda.

  3. i like this a lot! nice options

  4. Too common on the roads of Dubai…and looks boring now….

  5. the best looking compact sedan on the market and with the new options it is a excellent choice for compact sedan buyers

  6. The Mitsubishi Lancer wins best looking compact sedan(Jap) hands down 😎

  7. yes i agree with you RayD. if you’re talking about the new lancer ex…

  8. I’d agree if you’re talking about the EVO X. I saw it today itself on the roads [2 of ’em] and it actually also has a redesigned tail light if you look closely [OK, dont even have to look closely] you’ll notice the brake lights are less circular and more of an octagonal shape.

  9. sorry for confusion. I meant I saw 2 civics today, not lancers.

  10. I disagree………….Honda on top.

  11. looks better than corolla

  12. of course it looks better than corolla. it always looked better than corolla even before the facelift 🙂 . Its hard for me to choose between the lancer evoX and this civic.

  13. BJD – I don’t see how you can compare a Lan EVO with a Civic!!!
    Sam – Looks like you’re another one of those Honda ‘fan boys’. I will agree though that the Civic available in Europe looks really good.

  14. I wasnt actually comparing them toallty. just the design but its more of a prasie to honda’s design then actually comparing.

  15. well..the performance levels of this car is insane for a sumthing tht falls under compact car category i feel..the facelift is minor though..however, initially, even though honda claimed an impossible 151 hp of power, it was rated at 143 hp net…what I don’t understand is, the reason behind detuning the engine to 138 hp wid only a negligible increase in torque!

  16. I forgot to mention in prev comments. does HID headlights mean xenon or just a bulb with a different gas to make it brighter?

  17. i sold my 07 EXi&bot new VTI..its a bit powerful than da 07.

  18. May be this facelift will be a reason to increase again the price of the allready overpriced for it’s size honda civic. For one year they have increased the price with 10% without improving nothing and adding features.

  19. thats because of rising material prices not increasing features. all manufacturers are increasing prices just because of that.

  20. Yo bader & bjd fuks!!If u ppl dont hav money 2 buy new civic jus shut da fuk up..life is short stop wasting ur time & get a life losers!!

  21. when will thy release Type R here n dubai? 🙁
    Btw guys is there any changes in R18 spec for 09? 🙂

  22. —Yo bader & bjd fuks!!If u ppl dont hav money 2 buy new civic jus shut da fuk up..life is short stop wasting ur time & get a life losers!!—
    hey whats wrong! I was talking in favour honda! I’m not like most fanboys that only think their brand is the best. I have respect for other cars as well and civic is definately one of ’em. Why would civic ever not deserve respect?!

  23. by the way, even though the tail lamps received only a minor change, the change looks good…i like the new tail lamps better!…jus wonderin whn honda would consider facelifting the accord and ofcorz, offer more in it than what is thre now; jus like how they did with the civic! Civic is now a class leader! Xenons lamps, VSA, a better audio system, slight change to the rear, and change in center console materials – tatz all what Accord needs, i feel! And B.Bader, I wouldn’t mind paying that money for the current Civic any day; esp when compared to the latest Corolla or any other car in the same category!

  24. by the way, i was talkin abt the 2.4L full option Accord in the above statement :)..

  25. sayed needs to be thought some manners!!!

  26. i mean ‘taught’

  27. 08 civic – 140bhp 128 torque
    09 civic – 138bhp 177 torque

    So which 1 is powerful?? :S

  28. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury my father in law..hehe
    Am goin out wth his daughter 😉 hope he doesnt read dis!!!

  29. civic 08 – 140hp 128 torque
    civic 09 – 138hp 177 torque
    Which 1 has got powerful acceleration?

  30. LOL lancer hahaha Lancer evolution is just good for racing , and Corolla is good for malabaris, but Civic is For Youngsters:D

  31. Oddly enough Rhymes,we always tend to see ‘older’ people driving Civics 😛 😆

  32. Da new 1.8 Tiida can fuh civic Afta hittn 60km!!!

  33. Could anyone give me a feed back about the ground clearence of civic, It seems to be a bit lower than the previous one. I have planned to get Civic, but since i work is based on sites I have to consider about this ground clearence. Also Please let me know about the Music System Performace.

  34. And Oddly enough Rhymes, we do see the youngsters and non-malabaris driving the Corollas 😛 😆

  35. However, Rhymes, you are true abt the Lancer EVO..itz not more amateur youngsters who hasn’t seen / handled anythin beyond the Civic!

  36. ^^^^^
    However, Rhymes, you are true abt the Lancer EVO..itz not FOR amateur youngsters who hasn’t seen / handled anythin beyond the Civic!

  37. hey lancer evo is in a different league, evo’s main competition is from subaru. considering the civic and lancer both of em hav their own tastes in styling , civic looks more futuristic, lancer stylish/sporty. Considering the features of ACCORD base model i think its the Camry GL which is need of lot more considering the hefty price u pay for one.

  38. Well Xander,the Accord and Camry are both over priced with not much to offer between them. Funny thing is,people here are actually willing to pay more for less!

  39. afz – if your work requires you to visit sites, i’d recommned a 4×4 or a XUV/CUV.
    Seeing as the price of a basic Civic is now ridiculously expensive,your better of spending that money on a small XUV/CUV.

  40. Dear afz – the ground clearance of the Civic is too low. However, it cannot be taken as a demerit considering the car’s sporty stance. As RayD suggested, I too would recommend you a CUV or a SUV if your work requires you to visit sites. If you are a Honda / Toyota fan, then take a look at the CR-V and the Rav4..

  41. Thanks Ray & Vivek, Well i have to consider this issues. But I am more addicted to this car and finally got a chance to get one. And could you give me how is the stereo performance, i saw in the catalogue that its equipped with a tweeter..is it so?

  42. RayD & Vivek …whu r u guys jeremy clarkson….man get a life plzzzzzz

  43. well i bought an accord LXI instead of civic vti, last march 08 for aed 76K, rite now the prices are around aed 81k i heard

  44. Torros – we never claimed to be Jeremy Clarkson or whoever but thanks for the compliment 😛
    Like most of us who visit this site,we are here to share our views,opinions and information.

  45. I agree wth u torros. 😐

  46. Dear Torros, like RayD already said we all like cars, and our friend afz had an inquiry so they answered it. What your problem??? Honestly what has happened to the courtesy of people these days??

  47. Many thanks for the support spyke. I guess sayed and torros aren’t happy with the fact that we don’t agree Toyotas & Hondas are the ‘best’ brands in the market 😆 😛

  48. thnx spyke :)…and about the courtesy; that can definitely be expected from sayed and torros if u affix two flags right in front of the gate of ur house TODAYY – one sporting the toyota logo and the other flashin a flashy honda (preferably Type-R) logo! 😆 😆

    guyzz, all of us here are mostly car enthusiasts..whenever anyone has an inquiry, we all try to help the person out..and we all share our ideas and knowledge wid each other..try to be friendly and constructive :)..

  49. 🙄 Ok guys can you give advice about purchasing a car.I looking for a brand new semi-sport car. So I’m crossing out the boring toyota corrola sedan ,nissan tida,hyundai elantra and etc. I am thinking for a honda civic mid option ( I don’t need a leatherette salon) may be with a manual transmition, because the auto one hasn’t manual shifting (tiptronic), Subaru impreza 2.0RS 4×4,Mistubishi lancer EX GT, or may be a hyundai coupe (but I’m a little bit concerned about the qualities of this coupe,may it doesn’t offer nothing more than a nice design). Or you will advice me to add approximately 20k and to bye a honda accord coupe 2.4 or the upcoming mitsubishi eclipse 2.4.

  50. I’m a hyundai-Kia fan and I tell you, their quality has increased a lot in recent years and they are in the top 10 in the quality and durability rating. but if you could afford an accord coupe, go for it. it looks beautiful and has that stunning european design characteristics. I wouldnt recomend eclipse. Subaru is also a good brand to consider.
    So my recomendation is accord coupe.
    and if you want a sport sedan type, then its the lancer.

  51. Hi Bader..the mid-option Civic does not come with a manual transmission..so if you are considering a Civic with a manual trany, then you’ll be forced to go for the base model..The Lancer EX GT has got the best looks and in an overall basis, i feel it is a better package with options such as Bi-Xenon headlamps, Paddle-shifters, climate control, rockford fosgate audio system wid sub, body kit etc. at a reasonable price!..However, the GT is sort of a let down when it comes to performance; the stance tat it sports in it’s looks does not really reflect in it’s performance..the car is not as fast as the 1.8 i-Vtec Civic..Unless you are a total speed freak, the GT should be a good option! I’ve no idea about Subarus. The Hyundai Coupe looks gr8!! The quality and fit ‘n’ finish all seems to be superb. Quality of the Hyundais are now comparable to that of the japs. However, I’ve no idea about it’s performance. And about the Accord Coupe; well, if you have the money for it, then look no further. It is one superb car! Great looks, good performance and ofcourse, assured reliability & resale value!

  52. And yea, my other recommendations would include the Seat Leon FR, Mazda 6 2.5, Altima 3.5 V6 sedan (this car can be bought with a manual transmission) & Ford Mondeo 2.3L(engine power is ok, but handling is superb!)

  53. Hey bader you had a wide range there buddy..In terms of overall performance yes the civic would be good but i would consider it be realy sporty. like every one before me had already told you the lancer GT looks great and comes with a good set of options, great in fact for a car in that class. Like the civic i personally wouldnt consider it sporty although it looks real nice to drive. The Hyundai coupe looks nice too i think its called the tribune or something now and from what ive read, including a review from top gear of the older model, the coupe would probably be the best handling out of the civic or the lancer, ohh and they’ve also got an infinity sound system.No idea about the subarus either, but im sure they dont have a strong resale value (thats as far as i know about the models apart from the WRX). The accord coupe does look nice but also the altima 3.5 is mighty powerful..
    I think it all comes down to your budget and what you can afford, if the price range is between the civics and the lancer, then i’d go for the lancer cos of all the great options. But if its between the accord coupe and the altima 3.5 i’d go for the altima cos it goes wroom wroom 😀

  54. Bader – I agree,in part,to some of the things Vivek,BJD & spyke had to say(no offense guys).
    My views are:
    1. If you have a budget of a shade over 100k,I recommend the Altima Coupe – it comes with a lot of features, is powerful, reliable and is good value for money(an all-round package). The looks, however, are subjective. As for the Accord,although it has good power,looks etc.,is pricey and doesn’t offer some of the features like those available in the Altima. The Eclipse is a good car too,offering good features and power + the price is very good(similar to the Altima Coupe) – there’s a reason why you see so many grey import Eclipses here 😉 . Hyundais are very reliable now and the Coupe should not trouble you, however the 2.7ltr V6 that comes in it isn’t really the most powerful of engines. I think Vivek’s Mazda6 2.5ltr will be able to give it a run for it’s money. Hyundai are currently developing a new sports car that will take on the Japs and Europeans. Guys,look out!!
    2. The other cars you mentioned aren’t exactly ‘sports/semi-sports’. They only look sporty. Also,you will not find a manual unless you go for the most basic of models. The Lancer EX is better value for money as Vivek & spyke mentioned – it gives you a lot more for less, which is always a good thing. The Civic is good too,but the ridiculous price the dealer is asking doesn’t make good purchasing sense,although you may attain some ‘re-sale value’ when the time comes to sell. Also,it now comes with paddle shifters(VTi) and the sound system is ‘integrated’ into the dashboard and that’s about it. By the way,the Lancer EX is faster(Vivek 😛 ). Subarus are amazing cars and if you’re looking for all wheel drive handling etc. then this is a car to look into. Unfortunately,the dealer’s sales and after sales service is a lot to be desired. This is why no one here buys them 🙁 . Vivek also suggested the Leon FR & Mazda6 2.5 and I agree with him.
    I hope our ‘advice’ was informative and helpful. Do let us know once you’ve purchased your new ride 🙂

  55. Sorry typo, wut i meant was “In terms of overall performance yes the civic would be good but i would’nt consider it to be realy sporty.”

  56. the lancer EX GT is faster?? I never tried the manual mode; but while lettin the CVT take care of everythin, my friend’s base Civic was pulling away! 😕 the GT was quite new at the time of testing (abt 4k on odo) while the Civic had run quite a lot (30+k on odo)!! all those things apart, if I am given a choice, I lean towards the Mitsu for itz better overall package and killer looks!

  57. And Bader, you will be charged as soon as you acquire your new ride. No, not cash; but you will have to take RayD, spyke and me to jebel hafeet for a long drive in your new ride 😉

  58. I want to know a price in each model.Anyone please tell me.


  59. white colour is great.

  60. Mash has already given a rough if not accurate estimate of the prices for each vehicle on the “Ultimate Car Buyer Guide”..
    Vivek: 😀

  61. Thank you guys for the advice . From the read above I understood that, you recommend me purchasing full option Lancer in the lower price cars ,and acord coupe in the higher. By the way the budget is under 100k , and I think the altilma 3.5 isn’t an option , for those ,who didn’t understood me I was talking about the basic accord coupe with the 2.4l 4cilinder engine ,which I think still comes with a price around or a little bit under 100k,I wasn’t talking about the powerful 3.5 V6 .

    “comes with paddle shifters(VTi)”
    What does this mean that the 09civic comes now with a automatic with manual shifting gear (tiptronic) ,such as the lancer and impreza.
    What i didn’t understand ,which is faster Lancer 2.0 > Civic 1.8 or Civic 1.8> lancer 2.0.
    If the Civic is faster, this means that it’s a better car ,due to the fuel economy.

    I’m surprised that none of you has driven or tested the impreza or the new forester (this time they made it nicelooking),does this mean no body is purchasing subaru’s in UAE.

    About the hyndai coupe, which all of you praised . I’m concerned about how small and impractical is, besides it’s not much powerful with a 2.0 engine and basic 4shift auto transmition ,with no tiptronic function ,the 2.7 provides more power ,but I don’t think it’s worth it’s money for a Korean car.

    What about the Seat FR ,I don’t know much about the car and it’s price , I know only that it’s a Spanish car on the base of golf5. Cloud this seat be a competitor in performance, quality, and price to it’s Japan rivals? The French cars come here with a very good price examples: the peugeot 207RC ,reno clio RS. But I can’t say the same for the German or German basic onces.

  62. One more thing, how bad can be the resale value of a subaru, I don’t think is’t worse than a hynday/kia or I’m wrong.

  63. The reason i suggested the altima 3.5 was because you wanted a manual, the 3.5 mated with that manual = quite a fast combination..And the sedan starts below 100k the last time i checked.

    I have no idea about the acceleration of either the civic or the lancer but honestly how much faster could one of em be than the other one. According to the press release, only the basic civic gets a manual while only the top of the range gets paddle shifters (new to 09 i guess) so yeh triptronic type shifting. Ive honestly never driven a subaru since if you didnt know im into offroad capable SUV’s, although ive seen other reviews where the forester gets good praise.
    As for the seat you’d probably have to ask Vivek or RayD bout that, and regarding the depreciation of the subaru Mash would probably give better info since he keeps track of these things. So cheers bro, good luck..

  64. Your welcome Bader :smile:. The Lancer would be a better buy – it’s faster than the Civic and mileage is just a fraction higher. Yes, the ’09 Civic VTi comes with a ‘tiptronic’ ‘box now – paddles behind the steering wheel. Subarus are great cars but very few people buy them here – the dealers aren’t really great. Most cars are sold as fleet vehicles. It would be nice if Mashfique could test some of the Subarus. The Hyundai Coupe is a nice car but I wouldn’t recommend it; a new car is coming in a year or so. The Seat FR is really good in terms of performance and pricing. Quality has improved too.
    I Apologise if I didn’t understand your query on the Accord Coupe 2.4ltr. It should cost a shade under 100k, however it would be best to check with the dealer for current pricing. The Altima Coupe does come with a 2.5ltr but we don’t get it here – the dealer should bring it.

  65. the resale of the hyundais are better tan the subarus..as RayD mentioned, blame the dealers!..however, in this scenario, I too vote for the Lancer GT; the car will never let u down!..One of my friend’s have the Lancer EX 1.5L full options..The 1.5L itself is very comfortable to drive…it is smooth, comfortable and stylish..but the 1.5 needs to be pushed a little..the 2.0L GT has no such issues and feels a lot more sportier!..overall, it is an amazing car!..I myself was about to get one and has even asked Mash about his opinion on the car..but thn, the Mazda 6 stole my heart :smile:; and i really cudn’t stop myself frm owning it when the 2.5 engine whispered those 3 magical words followed by my name 😆 😆 …

  66. among the bigger cars, I’m still with the Accord Coupe…Altima sedan 3.5V6 is a good option if u want more power and a true 6-speed manual shifter for almost the same price!..however, if you have no plans of putting the streets on fire, then end the confusions right now – Accord Coupe is the one!

  67. Vivek – you don’t like the Altima Coupe 3.5? I feel it’s a good all-round package.

  68. civics price is increased here 🙁

    but in india deres an offer until the end of the year which states tht the civic hybrid which is sold dere for abt Rs.21 Lakhs (abt 2,10,000 Dhs) is knw sold for just Rs.14 laks (abt Dhs 1,40,000).

    Shees i was really shocked.Discount of almost 70,000 Dhs …….. 🙄

    Wish i wud have been in India 🙁

  69. hi RayD – yea, it sounds like a good overall package; but for some reason, I felt the sedan looks more stylish! Moreover, the sedan is cheaper and yet has almost the same power & performance levels as it’s Coupe variant 🙂

  70. its time for a hot civic!!! C’mon… give us the Si!!!!!!

  71. Emm hi guys am new here…

    OK compared2 da coupe’s altima& accord!!
    Overall rating in performance.
    altima is only good in brakes da rest handling & stuff goes for accord.

    Abt mitsubishi EX GT vs 08 civic…
    i think civic is better if u compare 0-100 accelration..am owning a civic&my bro Ex GT.

    Honestly i feel Civic is good in handling&EX GT is not expensive&has got many options but i dont feel comfortable in driving it compared2 civic..&i feel da 1.8 tiida manual tiddacan catch up wth ex gt!!:)

  72. Only one thing to do guys,borrow from friends/family an EX GT & a Civic VTi,meet up and test these cars ourselves 😆 😉

  73. mash, do you think the lancer rally-art is comming here this year?

  74. Author

    Doesn’t look like it. But who knows.

  75. Isn’t the Rally-art already out…seen a few lancers with the Evo front grill but without the wide bodies…aren’t those the rally-arts??

  76. talking about the handling part, I felt more comfortable in the EX GT..Mitsu’s body lean was more than that of the Civic during high speed cornering, but it’s limits are very good; and while cruising, I feel the EX GT is the better one!..talking about the Tiida; well, I’ve actually managed to keep up with the new Civic in a 1.8 Auto Tiida!..Tiidas are too light, so their 0-100 sprints happen pretty fast! At 140, in a Tiida, you actually feel that you are in air!! 😆

    And RayD – manage to get a Lancer EX GT; I shall get the Civic VTi (or the EXi, atleast)..letz c which is faster.. 👿 ..first one to the finish line wins 2 pumpkins!! 😆 😆

  77. and by the way, Welcome 2 da club Jimmy! 🙂

  78. I want in on the races too..I thought i saw a rally-art too but not sure if it was from a distance..

  79. Pumpkins?! 😆 The feeling of ‘flying’ while riding in a Tiida at 140km/h does not say a good thing about it’s stability/handling.
    I can get a Civic VTi(gf’s) as well;the EX GT will need to be obtained through ‘Vaasta’ which I don’t want to use 😐 The Ralliart version of the EX has not been launched here,as yet. I’ll find out;will keep you guys posted.

  80. hello every one 🙂 .i need to buy a car so i hav two cars in mind one is tiida hatch sport & civic exi wth sunroof.please suggest me which one shoul i go for 🙁

  81. Thnnx vivek :smile:!!so i wanna knw whuz gonna get da pumpkins 😆

  82. i got news honda is planning to bring limited type r’s due 2 public demand here in dubai End of Q3…hope its true i heard it frm my frnd who works in customs…!!!

  83. civic is the overall better car..
    but tiida if u like to fly ! 😆

  84. RayD – Tiida and handling?? 😆 ..well, when it comes to Tiida, it is so simple…lower the speed, better the handling; higher the speed, thn drink Red Bull….wings might help u have a controlled flying experience! 😆

  85. but yea, there is an alternative…hire 4 fat people and ask ’em to travel with you 😀

  86. and yea..I can get a Lancer EX 1.5..but promise me that u shall only shift Civic’s gear lever to “D” and do absolutely nothing else; dont even try to touch the accelerator!! 🙂

  87. Can any one tell me the price of civic 09 VTI & EXI with sunroof?

  88. 😯
    Honda civic is the best car.
    I have a civic Exi of 1998.

  89. lol hahaha come on vivek Civic has more sexy looks than corolla thts da reason and btw m a owner of civic 2008 vti which makes me to stick and comment good things on civic hahaaha never mind , btw no doubt tida has really awesome power but unfortunately not more than civic 😀

  90. Guyz I love lancer Ex but the worst part is that after sales service sucks as well de spare parts r expensive and moreover less resale value….but Civic is a f9 car cuz it meets above criteria

  91. i wish i could drive civic type RR here in UAE:(

  92. good day

    i need now the new honda full automatic prize…?

    i wil waiting your replly

  93. what is the price of a honda civic exi 2009 model

  94. Jomo, i just went in honda showroom yesterday and inquired about civic exi 09′ and price is 78,000 AED

  95. 2009 Honda classical shape, fantastic drive, I love Honda.

  96. New 2009 model Honda Civic – Superb design.. 😎

  97. i love honda

  98. I am driving Mitsubishi since past 5 years and now tired driving it. now I am moving to Honda, most probably Honda Civic.

  99. Respected Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury, Kindly let me know the best price for civic 2010 model, if I go to the dubai location who is the right person to finalize the deal.

  100. Dear Syed ! U can meet a person at Sheikh zayed honda Showroom . his name is “habib” , I am sure this guy will give you a nice deal on honda civic, and also there is sum new offer going on on new honda cars and prices are very low, or wait for sometime more, because new honda civic going to be launch in next year 2010, so you might get more cheaper price on the current civic model.

  101. Dear sir
    i want to buy a new honda civiv.But i don’t know the result of this car . IS it good or not?
    also i want to know the price of various model of this car.

  102. I have Honda Civic LXI basic 2009 Model. Its so nice , it performs like mini Luxus.Its so comfortable to drive.Thank Honda Co. to introduce like this model.

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