Sharjah 2008: Tuner cars steal the show

Sharjah 2008: Tuner cars steal the show

Our first report on the 2008 Sharjah Auto Show showcases the privately-owned tuner cars displayed in Hall 3. Various cars range from hydraulically-suspended Lexuses to monster-trucking Isuzus. Even the 2009 Hummer H3T truck made an appearance in tuner form, well before its launch at the Abu Dhabi Auto Show next month

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  1. I think the Mercedes and the BMW stand were quite good…especially for the fact that unlike the Dubai Auto Show…we were allowed to sit in cars like Maybachs, SLR and M3….

  2. Author

    The Mercs were unlocked. The BMWs were locked, but they kept unlocking them for locals and whites, so you’d have to be lucky to jump in right after them. Send me your pics if you want, dude.

  3. i love cars auto shows.

  4. I opened the M3 door and hood…Love that car!! 😀
    Also the new 750il and the X5….

    I’m in the process of editing the pictures…any specific resolution you want them in???

  5. Author

    1024×768 would be great. I just need one photo of each car, from the front-side view, since there was nothing new-and-unseen at the show anyway.

  6. will do by tonight Inshallah!!!

  7. that CLS looks awesome 😛

  8. I also saw that chevrolet have finally introduced 6 speed automatics on the tahoes and avalanches. Finally an upgrade..!!

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