2010 Nissan GT-R possibly dropping launch control

2010 Nissan GT-R possibly dropping launch control

Tired of replacing gearboxes due to overuse of the “launch control” feature, Nissan has decided to remove the feature from 2010 models of the Nissan GT-R, according to rumours.

They have so far refused to replace the broken gearboxes under warranty in America, where they caused a furore by demanding US$ 20,000 for the new gearbox instead.

So far, the 2009 Nissan GT-Rs running around Dubai are the American-spec ones special-ordered a few months ago by a few ultra-rich folks. We can only imagine how many of those survive today. The official GCC-spec GT-R will only come here early next year. A few other US-spec cars can be found at showrooms in Dubai’s Al Aweer Used Car Complex, at twice the price. There goes the “value” part of the equation.

Nissan has also stated that the 2010 GT-R will have engine and suspension tweaks to better its record Nurbringing track time. So at the cost of easy drag-race wins comes better track performance.

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  1. and the 2011 GT-R will come without the Turbos 😆

  2. why no turbos? what engine will they use?

  3. I believe this yeare 40 GTRs were allocated to the UAE before the official launch next year. U can see a few running around in Jumeirah. But 20,000 USD to fix the problem, o my god might be cheaper to buy a second hand F430 or a Gallardo…

  4. hahahaha…..I’m glad I wasn’t one of those fan boys drooling over this car…I’d take a 911 over this anytime!!!!

  5. Ha ha.. Seems like owning a Nissan GTR is equal to owning a Veyron. I personally love this car. But giving the GTR owners a temporary launch control and advising them to use it carefully is a falure of Nissan. Next they would come up by saying “Dont drive the car very often..!” 😆

  6. IMO, this is a great car. DOn’t blame nissan for making up stuff. They have told the owners not to use the launch control very often and its the owner’s foolishness that makes them pay 20 000 USD.

  7. I think nissan’s issues come form that they are using a auto transmition instead of a manual one.

  8. But this auto changes gears faster than a standard manual.

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