Nissan Nismo 370Z S-Tune already unveiled

Nissan Nismo 370Z S-Tune already unveiled

The tuning arm of Nissan has already unveiled a modified version of the yet-to-be-on-sale Nissan 370Z. Dubbed the Nismo 370Z S-Tune, it concentrates more on handling than on engine performance.

Parts of the Nismo kit will be sold in pieces through Nissan dealers in Japan and America, but not necessarily the UAE or the GCC. S-Tune parts include a full body kit, upgraded suspension, better brake pads, free-flow exhaust, deep-dish alloy wheels and extra bracing to further stiffen the structure. The engine is left untouched, with its standard 332 hp 3.7-litre V6 mated to a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed automatic.

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  1. —-extra bracing to further stiffen the structure—–
    does that mean stiffen the body stucture or frame/chassis stucture?

  2. nice car and that car rocks when its available in markert.

  3. nice, but small engines dont fit with my driving style.

  4. Mash, I have a question for you.
    what would you prefer to buy for your girlfriend? swift or RX4?
    i’m confused between them about the gift that i want to give my girlfriend this Eid?

    Please help me bro?

  5. Author

    Girlfriends are haram according to UAE law. And unless you’re marrying her, there is no point giving her a car.

  6. SX4 you mean….that’ll be better than the swift

  7. ohh, it is sx4 not rx4.
    OK mash, l lied about that, i dont have any :mrgreen:
    Well, the true story that my brother wants to buy a gift for his wife.
    Now mash please help me on this. Is your choice will be like faisal and boris? Or you have something else to say?

  8. Dear Mashfique Brother your last advice for buying a Nissan 350 Z was so nice and i am happy with that one so much so Thanks for that. Now i have another Question My Budget for a car is upto maximum 400 thousand so which car u prefer me to buy which keeps the resale value and do not get many problems and should also be little fast. My option is LEXUS LS 460 BUT ITS VERY SLOW LEXUS SAYING FROM 0 TO 100 IN 5.4 SEC BUT UR TEST DRIVING SHOWING IN 7.0 SECONDS. Another one is Infiniti Fx50 s and the third is Bmw X 5 4.8 but i dont know which car i should go for Please help me 😥 😥

  9. Author

    assassin, go for either swift or SX4 hatchback. The Swift is a nice car, but if it feels too cramped, upgrade to the SX4.

    sohi, Any of your choices will have good enough resale value, but the only your Japanese choices will be problem-free. If the Lexus is slow, go for the Infiniti.

  10. I like the X5 and would reccomend it but since you want resale value, just go for the infiniti. I’d never put a toyota or lexus on my shopping list!

  11. sohi…i think if you are looking for a fast and luxury car…FX50S
    some people still dont know the real performance of the new infiniti FX series…
    take a look at those videos…(dont look at the title”its for sure an FX50 not 35″)
    challenger SRT8 425HP vs FX 50S

    the second video vs mustang 5.0

    this is a link from nissan arabia website to compare the performance of the new FX 50 with the fast G35…and take in consideration that all those cars(Fx50S) are still new and they need some time to reach the peak point for the performance.
    the FX50 guy said that he missed some shifts and because his car is still new…
    so i think its not a surprise if this car was able to kill the jeep SRT10 after training it.

  12. Cant wait for the new Honda s2000 going to show Nissan how cars are really made.

    Honda S2000 is really underrated car and it quick and agile with and engine to envy for.

  13. FX50 is fine, but i hate it since it has Hyundai’s shape 😆

  14. hyundai what? vera cruz? santa fe? doesnt look anything like them. It is the most aggressive looking Crossover SUV on the market and also very unique.

  15. 😆 😆 i think its fine assassin since it doesnt have an elephant i right 😉 … 😆

    and btw: all new hyundai models shits on all toyota models in terms of shape…

  16. thanks thatsit(mohamad) for showing us that the slow G35 can go much faster than the FX50.
    i was thinking of buying one but now i will go for SS ( lumina or caprice) which are going faster than G35 or even M45 from 100km/h to the top speed.

  17. Thank u guys and Thank u bro Mash so i will go INSHALLAH for Infiniti fx 50 s After Eid Al Adha.Thank u once again.

  18. If you are looking for fast luxury car, Go for E55 AMG (Supercharged). If you are looking for Fast car with Fast turning and luxury, i recommend M5. Lumina SS are fast but their technology is quiet old which can be easily beaten by E55 (0ld Models) and M5 (Old Model). If any one is looking for a fast car, you can contact me. 050-8971140. I am not a car seller but i can help you as i own few of them.

  19. e55 and m5 dull looking both of them thats why i didnt choosed that one i dont like their shape. as i have said something should be lill fast and luxury thats it which infiniti fx 50 s is a good choice. E55 is a good car but alot of problems coming up in that one i mean faults as my friend has one and too expensive maintaince. Thank you Bro habeeb for your advice.

  20. 370Z the best choies call this no 050/6145169

  21. avilable now in AD and DUBAI

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