Pakistani militants burn 160 Humvees

Pakistani militants burn 160 Humvees

Supplies for the U.S. military apparently pass through Pakistani sea-ports on their way to Afghanistan. On Sunday, armed militants blasted their way into two transport terminals in Pakistan and torched more than 160 vehicles, including more than 70 Humvees.

The attack at the Portward Logistic Terminal turned a section of the large enclosed compound into a smoldering junkyard. The AP news agency reports that the psychotic militants blew up the gate before dawn with a rocket-propelled grenade, fatally shot a guard and set fire to vehicles. The Humvees supposedly cost about US$ 100,000 each.

Either these gunmen are Greenpeace activists protesting against fuel-guzzling vehicles, or it is a convoluted plot by Hummer to increase their free-falling sales.

What do you think?



  1. Arnt the humvees still diesel powered?? hmmm..hard to say who did this lol..

  2. Author

    True. I’ll fix it.

  3. instead of burning them, they could have used them and dumped it after year or two (they will never be able to repair it.)

  4. ok, thats better than burning people like what happend in cb’s country.

  5. how can u say they were Pakistani militants? plus politics on this website??

  6. No politics here & plz no pakistani , indian bangladeshi plz plz 🙁

  7. whos talkin politics??? This is just NEWS of what happend to the sad demise of 160 helpless humvees!! I dont wanna get into anything, but why are you guys geting so affected??

  8. They burned it for enviromental reason.

    H1 really kills the planet so we have to kill it 😆

  9. i think u ppl are taking the site to the bad direction

  10. Poor humveees :'(
    Imagine the dubs i could’ve put on one of em..

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