Eid Mubarak: Photography on the cheap

Eid Mubarak: Photography on the cheap

Anyone who bugs about my crappy photography skills will be referred to these images. These were taken with a regular point-and-shoot Nikon digital camera that I bought in 2005. The photos have been quickly modified using the free 2001 edition of PaintShop Pro 6, because I never did figure out PhotoShop. It’s not that I don’t know how to take photos. I just prefer to spend my time doing other things when I get a car, like, you know, drive. Wishing you all a happy and enjoyable Eid Mubarak!

What do you think?



  1. hey that Infiniti G pic looks awesome!!!

  2. eid mubarak for all of you guys…

  3. The G looks cool and even looks like it was photoshoped

    Vette also look cool and this photographer must be very very good to have this picture of something moving

  4. is that vette drifting or is it just parked like that with the wheels turned?

  5. Author

    Hehe, I’ll let you guys figure out what is what. I’ll just say that nothing has been copy-pasted into the photos. Just changes in contrast, colours and focus have been “photoshopped.”

  6. it’s parked unless the shutter speed on the camera was soo fast that no motion blur was captured though I doubt it cause I can’t see a driver….

    I like your pictures….but I hate the post processing you put them through…

  7. These photos look amazing. Good job with the photoshop.

  8. Hey mash, is the 1st pic HDR image? The one with the Infiniti G35…

  9. Author

    I don’t know what HDR is? The sky really was like that, but I just darkened it.

  10. i have known people who claim they are better photographers than me just coz they have a better camera or more MEGAPIXELS than mine.. 🙄

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