2010 BMW Z4 officially revealed

2010 BMW Z4 officially revealed

The redesigned 2010 BMW Z4 has been officially revealed. Looking much better than before, it also packs three engine choices, new technology and a folding hard-top.

At launch, three inline-six engines will be offered, and the Z4 will use a new naming strategy, first seen in the X6. Basically, all rear-wheel-drive BMWs will be badged ‘sDrive’ and all-wheel-drive models will be badged ‘xDrive.’ Of course, the Z4 only comes in rear-wheel-drive form.

The base model is the Z4 sDrive23i which, oddly enough, comes with a 2.5-litre engine. With 204 hp, it can do the 0-100 kph sprint in 6.6 seconds, while top speed is 242 kph. BMW also claims fuel consumption of 7.1 litres/100 km.

The mid-level Z4 sDrive30i is powered by a 3.0-litre engine that puts out 254 hp and 310 Nm of torque. The 0-100 kph time is slashed to 5.8 seconds, while top speed is electronically limited to 248 kph. Despite more power, the sDrive30i apparently also has identical fuel economy to the sDrive23i model.

The top-of-the range Z4 sDrive35i packs a twin-turbo direct injection 3.0-litre engine, with 302 hp and 400 Nm of torque. The 0-100 kph run takes 5.2 seconds with a 6-speed manual, and that can be reduced by a further 0.1 seconds if the optional 7-speed Double Clutch Transmission (DCT) is chosen. The manual version gets 7.8 litres/100 km, with the DCT lowering fuel consumption slightly. Both cars top out at 248 kph.

Indeed, only the sDrive35i is offered with the optional dual-clutch automanual transmission, with a conventional 6-speed automatic optional on the other models. A 6-speed manual is standard across the range.

Also optional is Adaptive M Suspension (AMS), which features electronically-controlled dampers with three settings, accessed via a switch on the center console. BMW says that the firmest setting, where the ride height is also dropped 10 mm, is similar in comfort to the standard suspension of the outgoing Z4.

A new Drive Dynamic Control function that allows the driver to alter steering and throttle calibrations, the AMS, level of traction control and gearchange strategy on the automatic models by the touch of a button.

There have been modest increases in length and width. The new two-piece roof also offers extra headroom and takes only 20 seconds to operate, though it reduces cargo space from a maximum of 310 litres to 180 litres. There is some additional storage space behind the seats and BMW will offer buyers the option of a through-loading system.

The new Z4 will hit European showrooms by May 2009, and should reach Dubai and the GCC before next winter.

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  1. looks cool. esp. the front. the interior is fab.

  2. nice…love that front end…but hard top convertible…urgh…I wish they have kept the cloth option…

  3. There won’t be any manual transmission cars left very soon, with nowadays ‘intelligent’ automatic transmissions having better performance and almost the same fuel economy..

  4. And yea, then there’s the traffic! lol..

  5. thanks God there you can still have control of your gears even with auto trannies cuz of paddle shifters and A/Ts with a manual shift gate.

  6. I have watched the spy pics about this car and they have not done hot weather testing in Arabia or Namibia… (i have heard that for some reason, these deserts are more extreme than others…) so it might be a while before we get this car. that being said, i cannot wait to see it in person. 😀

  7. I wonder if it will be shown at the Abu Dhabi Auto show!!!!
    MAshfique…any press passes for the show? and any idea what cars are going to be shown there…

  8. Author

    Those &#%*@ people never contacted me.

  9. hmm…that sucks….thanks for the mail though…

  10. Cool car, beauty inside out but I think it going to cost abit more than 180 or even could be starting at 220

    But if it was cheaper It would make people run for the money.

  11. haha maybe they didnt contact u because they didnt want ur old m coupe next to the new z4

  12. its really nice!!!
    looks much like the fabric GINA concept!

  13. hay eveyone this car is alright but i still think that the old muscle cars are the best. built the way all cars should be built :mrgreen: 👿 😈

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