BMW M5 G-Power sets sedan speed record

BMW M5 G-Power sets sedan speed record

The original speed record for world’s fastest sedan, tuned or otherwise, was set by the Brabus Rocket, a heavily-modded car based on the Mercedes-Benz CLS ‘coupe.’ The record has been broken by tuning firm G-Power, with their Hurricane RS that is based on the BMW M5.

The G-Power M5 Hurricane RS managed a top speed of 365.44 kph, beating the 363.57 kph set by Brabus a few years ago. This speed has been clocked and certified at the ATP High-Seed test track in Papenburg.

The G-Power high-speed world record car has 20 hp more than their usual M5 Hurricane model which has been clocked at 360 kph earlier in 2008, and already holds the title as the fastest BMW sedan. The extra power of this Hurricane RS is the result of two modified superchargers from G-Power’s technology partner ASA, with ‘enlarged capacity.’ G-Power claims they can improve on the number by increasing the boost on the ‘Bi-Kompressor’ twin-supercharger system mounted on the BMW’s V10.

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  1. makes a stock m5 look….weak… 😀

  2. BTW…car magazine did a review on this one this issue…or was it a feature… 😕

    Btw how do you rate the CAR middle east magazine???

  3. EDIT: it was a on the normal G-power M5 and not this one…

  4. Author

    Car magazine has many writers. Some are good, some are awful. Some also work for the Autodrome and write glorious reviews since the car companies hire them for events. All of their local reviews have stupid British pop-culture references that no one here understands. And their Car Of The Year awards is a farce to get more ads – the BMW X6 won. They didn’t even fully test all the cars that won. The X6 isn’t even on BMW’s press fleet yet. It was borrowed from somewhere, probably for a few hours.

  5. The BMW X6 winning was a joke…seriously!!! 🙄

  6. I agree with Mashfique

  7. Totally agree with you Mash. Ive read couple of articles on their car middle website..What complete non sense!! Honestly some of their reviews are just biased like they already know which cars gonna win before they even begin the review. I stumbled upon their site once but wont be visiting that site any more!!Total non-sense!!
    BMW X6 winning SUV of the year, for what!!?? ohh and Lol it isnt even a SUV, its a SAV!!

  8. there doesn’t seem to be a category called SAV. its just BMWs fancy way of saying ‘we have created a new segment for SUVs’ or ‘this is a segment busting vehicle’. Car middle east or whatever they’re called, should have said ‘best performance SUV’ category for the X6. they suck anyway. doesn’t seem like they do anything in UAE cuz I don’t understand much of what they say about the car’s specs…

  9. But the good thing about them is they have there personal car review. I would like to have this one drivearabia where owners give the review of there car as well as the dealers.

    I seen many websites that are American like edmunds , automsn and but I want the regional feel to it.

    This car is sick as hell. here it looks like a toy model

  10. Author

    I have started a long-term review section for personal cars. Others are welcome to contribute, provided they can write well. That magazine’s thing is just one long ad (except for the ones with their actual bought cars). I caught more flaws in the LR2 in my review than they did in six months with their silver company-provided one.

  11. The LR2 was another one of those vehicles which was apparently without flaws and totally biased. They probably had to be like that cos landrover keeps giving them vehicles, so pointing out flaws in their vehicles probably wouldnt be the best thing..

  12. Mash are you ever gonna try to get Al Majid and Galadari to give you cars to review???

  13. crazy car indeed,but how much deos it cost?

  14. i would love to have a test drive with the fastest babe!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  15. horsepower/torque numbers!!!

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