2008 Abu Dhabi Auto Show: Coverage

2008 Abu Dhabi Auto Show: Coverage

The 2008 Abu Dhabi Auto Show played host to a number of new car launches, just in time for the credit crunch. Faisal Khatib attended the show and sent in these photos.

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  1. wow, that new cerato looks great in that shade of red. and whatever in the world was the cee’d SW doing there. are they plannign to sell it here?

  2. Hyundai Coupe looks KILLER!

  3. no kidding murf. the hundai coupe and the Genesis coupe look awesome.

  4. The genesis coupe looks real nice, didnt know they started selling it already in this part of the world. Lexus RX350 is also here i see..

  5. they are already selling the genesis? are you sure. I never heard any news of that.

  6. There was a hyundai guy always lingering around the genesis talking to prospective customers….I’m guessing they’ve started pre-bookings for it…

    anyway I don’t like the genesis two tone paint look….plus it’s not very sporty…it’s more of a cruiser…annoying…

  7. when is the autoshow in dubai?

  8. Wow!! I love that new cerato!!
    Hopefully they offer decent engine choices when it comes on sale here in UAE.

  9. yeah yeah isaw hyundai genesis standing at hyundai dubai

  10. Ivan, a 2.0L and a 1.6L will be offered. the 1.6 has 128 horses on its tap. haven’t got info on the 2.0L.

  11. Genesis coupe 300 bhp Price 120 000AED

    Selling next year

  12. hope it does well. hyundai has spent over 6 million dollars developing the gensis. they’ll have to sell so many to break even.

  13. where is bmw, porsche, audi?

  14. they were not at the show!!!!

  15. yes it was a bad show bmw porsche and audi,pagani,bugati this stuff was not there only the cars which are available at local showrooms they brought just that.it was a bad motor show good just for collection tea cups and car shades :mrgreen:

  16. nice v nice some cars v hot…
    good work dude

  17. Are they still selling Honda s2000?

  18. 😆 I like luxury cars so much..
    my favorite car ever is the ultimate aero…
    this is the best car for me”!

  19. i HOPE, SOMEDAY… i will recieve a gift like does cars… hahaha…”!
    does are so expencive….I like Ultimate aero and bugaTTI… :mrgreen:

  20. UHM..nice cars…”!
    wow.. it is nice car to…HMmHm 🙄

  21. the jazZ car looks owesomee. it is great.. best car for nice girls… 😉

  22. I love it”! 😯

  23. I want to meEt mr. Shelby…. haha….(“,) 😐 😛 🙂

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