Mini Cooper S recalled for burning legs

Mini Cooper S recalled for burning legs

Cars in America get recalled for various safety issues, if enough complaints come in. The NHTSA, a U.S. government entity that oversees car safety, received numerous complaints about the 2007-2008 Mini Cooper S, and forced BMW to issue a recall on 28,450 of those cars. Apparently, the protruding central exhaust tips were burning owners’ legs when they were unloading stuff after a drive.

Reading through various Mini owner forums, it seems to be a common problem for many absent-minded owners. Thanks to the complaints, Mini is offering to replace the tips with shorter ones that do not stick out at much. As usual, there is no news of any recall in the GCC.

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  1. Ooo baby! that’s gotta hurt!

  2. Author

    One of my buddies got mildly burned by our yellow test car too.

  3. may be Volkswagen Golf R32 burn legs too??

  4. 😯 sounds terrible, i dont want to got hurt. then i got to change ideas for buying a new car.

  5. Weird subject.. 😯

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