Video of the week: Solberg celebrates

Petter Solberg, renowned rally driver with the Subaru WRC team, came in third at the 2008 Bettega Memorial Rallysprint in some sort of rally race at the Bologna Motor Show, with his Subaru Impreza WRC. He celebrates by doing a victory lap. And then the ace driver breaks his hand in a bizarre incident which proves that you should never push your luck, no matter how good you may be.

What do you think?



  1. argh! I can’t gain access to or wiew any vids from youtube ever since those optic cables got disrupted in the Mediterranean!!!

  2. Author

    Youtube works in my IE, but NOT in my Firefox.

  3. doesn’t seem to work on either for me.

  4. put in the etisalat proxy ( and ctrl+f5 to refresh the youtube video. usually works.

  5. or you can download (hotspot shield) to make it work.

  6. funny lolz..phooo

  7. YAY!!! cables are fixed and Youtube is finally working!!! That must have been embarassing!!! LOL

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