Ings kit for Mitsubishi Evo X and more

Ings kit for Mitsubishi Evo X and more

Japan-based tuner Ings has revealed the latest addition to their line-up of body kits for popular compact cars, now including the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

The actual Ings N-Spec kit only consists of the front bumper/grille piece, the rear “Z-Power” wing, and the 18-inch alloy wheels. Other parts are from a variety of manufacturers, such as the 5Zigen muffler, Endless suspension and brakes, Exedy clutch and Bride seats. All other drivetrain parts are stock.

While the kit has not been released yet, their kits for other models caught our eye. The Ings website has kits for everything from the Toyota Yaris to the Mazda RX-8.

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  1. This one looks really nice

  2. jazz cool lancer evo old awesome 350z best

  3. not bad not bad i say

  4. Civic & S2000 luks sweet…

  5. Looks awesome but the B-segment cars [yaris and jazz] don’t look so good. I prefer the stock jazz.

  6. love the s2000 with those 5 spoke rims!!!

  7. thats look awsome… looks better then the stock

  8. 😐 I’m wondering how much costs a brad new toyota corolla? Yesterday I saw that used corrola’s at start from 61000AED for 1.6l 2008 model.

  9. Bullshit, nothing seen as ugly as this, even the stock lancer basic looks 1000 times better.

  10. does anyone knows the INGUS web site….

  11. Dont buy ever from Al Futtaim Auto mall they always keeps it very high price and they are promising that their cars are in excellant conditions but its not.Believe me my friend bought a camry 2005 model from them with 56 thousand and after a month when he was selling his car to buy a new one he even cant sale it for 40 thousand because the car was accident from before the right side door fully painted and the trunk was fully repaired but that time he doesnt knows about that because automall told him this car even not touched with anything that time .When then again he gone to them he said that u people decieved me and the car was accident before they said no maybe u have done that accident. This is what we get for our trust a trust reward. AUTOMALL PLEASE DECREASE UR PRICES AND TRY TO CHECK UR CARS BEFORE SELLING TO SOMEONE WHO REALLY BELIEVE AND TRUST IN YOU.

  12. Author

    Ings website is

  13. why dont they bring the RX-8 to the UAE dealers and it price could be similar to Evo X

  14. recently while browsing the classifieds i saw 2009 model Corolla lxi for only 56k ….

  15. Salem: some ppl have got RX-8 in UAE through grey import but its not sold here cuz of the rotary engine. dunno exactly whats wrong with the engine though, that doesn’t meet UAE standards…. 🙁

  16. turbo + wankel + dubai weather = blown engine :mrgreen:

  17. maybe thats the reason. a lot of heat is generated by that engine and add the heat of this desert… wish the guys who grey-imported it, good luck with ownership 🙄

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