2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe spotted

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe spotted

It is already known that Mercedes-Benz is dropping the “CLK” badge in a bid to simplify its stupidly-crowded line-up. The enlarged two-door model being readied for 2010 will be called the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe, and near-production prototypes are being spotted all over Europe.

The last time Mercedes-Benz offered an E-Class Coupe was back in 1995, when they actually built solid dependable cars. This new model will be among the new breed of cars that the German company claims will return Mercedes-Benz to its over-engineering roots.

The new 2010 E-Class sedan has already been leaked. This new coupe is obviously following the disliked styling ideas introduced in the E-Class concept last year, with an upright grille, classic-car rear-side fenders and an unimaginative tail. As usual, expect it to bum engines off existing C-Class and S-Class models.

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  1. From what I can see…Just like the Saloon version, I’m not liking that rear end…though that rear window shows that it’s a proper 2+2…

  2. looks nice now… and that large rear window tells its got room for rear seat passengers.

  3. So i got Infiniti fx 50 but the problem what i was thinking the car should be quite but its not alot of noice while driving it fast.But its fast what they promise the car has done.I tried with jeep srt 8 but the srt 8 is Monster cannot got out of him but any way i am happy with this one.
    someone having any idea if the cls 63 will come down.

  4. its look lik cl and s claassss
    but nit iz ausom

  5. fx is a good car, but i would never prefer it to the new AED 240k GS460 with that strong engine and 8-speed gearbox and a lot of comfortable ride.

  6. The FX is a crossover and alothough it drives like one it’ll never be in the same class..So i guess ppl who shop for performance crossovers might not want a car??..The FX 50s is a realy fast vehicle..

  7. I’d choose FX over any of current Lexus in their line-up. The FX just looks cooler and more agressive! 😎

  8. ^^ and it is much faster too! 🙂

  9. Sohi, apart from the noise how is the ride of the fx50, is it hursh or is it OK? Are the breaks sufficiently strong? I drove G35 and it is also pretty noisy under acceleration and also I was not impressed with its stopping

  10. Thread Hijack Alert !!

    we just acquired a Mercedes Eclass from japan..Does anyone know …where and how to change the language from japanese to english..??

  11. The brake is nice and working good but not like my nissan 350 z.Lexus are good and quite but they are too slow even the LS460 cannot competite with Nissan Maxima :mrgreen: Thanks Bjd Boris

  12. sohi..congrats for getting this huge monster. most of infiniti models have this road noise…the first reason for this is the size of the tire and the rim…this car ‘actually this monster’ have 21” rims…they are really wide and big…second thing is the type of tyres…i noticed this in many cars…infinit succeeded in stopping the sounds from out side noise entering to the cabin, but still they need to do more for the road noise…but guys dont forget its more sporty than being elegant…the ride is still hursh(i know this 😉 ) but much better than the old model…(since you have two modes for the suspension)…but stability is better.
    the braking for sure sohi wont be as the one in the Z350…the unsrung weight for the FX50 is really much higher than the Z350…about your race with the jeep SRT10…just give the car some time, its still new…just once its trained well, give it another try…

  13. stock FX50s cannot beat stock srt8, jeep srt has little more power, little more torque, little more fuel consumption almost same weight and finally little more speed! oh n it will be little faster than the 350z in a drag as well however its not got resale and is unreliable so congrats on the fx50 cuz its much more superior in everything else

  14. yeah, FX looks cooler too. I wish jeep would just stick to off-road. I PERSONALLY feel the SRT is a waste o’ money cuz the Grnad cherokee is supposed to be an off-road vehicle and that’s how ppl will look at it. Jeep should make a performance SUV out of a CRossover; A bigger version of the Compass.

  15. The main problem with this car and most Mercedes that they are not very exclusive, you can get an AMG version for huge amount of money and enjoy the luxury and performance but you will feel no advantage for the amount of money you paid when you see a basic model in the same class with similar body kit (280/350) parks besides your expensive AMG! Go ahead and hate if you want to… But for AED 500,000 plus, I will demand for something more exclusive.

  16. Who the **** needs "luxury and horsepower" in college??!!! All that matters is if it is dependable, has a roomy back seat, and DARK tinted windows (anyone who has had a 2-3 person dorm knows what I mean). Get something cheaper (i.e. Honda, Toyota, or Nissan. Not their luxury lines). Not only will you have more money to spare on important things, but you also won’t wake up to find your fancy tires slashed, cd + navigation system stolen, and paint job keyed. If not, be prepared to shell out some $$$$ if you leave it parked in the wrong lot…besides, there are alot of young female drivers on campus…who sure don’t know how to park (or drive).

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