Tramontana R V12 racecar for the streets

Tramontana R V12 racecar for the streets

Tramontana R
The world is flooded with tiny companies building numerous forgettable exotic cars. But a European outfit called Tramontana is one company that has come up with something truly original. Their creation is called, simply, the Tramontana R Edition.

Tramontana R

The Tramontana R looks like a larger version of an open-wheel race-car. However, it is actually a 2-seater, and packs a Mercedes-Benz 5.5-litre V12, available in either 550 hp naturally-aspirated or 760 hp twin-turbo versions, the latter of which can manage 1098 Nm of torque. The twin-turbo one can also do the 0-100 kph run in a claimed 3.6 seconds, and the 0-200 kph run in 10.15 seconds.

Tramontana R

Weighing in at just 1262 kg, the R boasts a 50:50 left-to-right weight distribution, and 42:58 front-to-rear. The Tramontana R is fitted 20-inch carbon-fibre and magnesium wheels at each corner, along with high-performance 245/40 front and 335/30 rear tyres. Six-piston Brembo brakes and a custom Ohlins suspension, adjustable between 85 mm and 135 mm, are also fitted.

Tramontana R

The body and interior are carbon-fibre. The cramped cabin features a chopped-top steering wheel, LCD instrument panel and six-speed gearbox controls.

Production will be limited to 12 units per year with a price tag of €385,000. The Tramontana R will make its official debut at the Top Marques Monaco show in March this year.

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  1. what’s with speedo. looks flat…

  2. That is the ugliest thing ever built. I think these huys are going bust before even selling one unit. dreadfully hideous. ugly beyond explanation

  3. looks good but thats not gonna sell good n ppl wont be able to drive it to tha fullest so its kinda piontless to even put that much muscle in a car thats not gonna ever get toped out unless i drive that shit. only i would be able to handle that motor nobody else…

  4. If they mount a couple of chainguns then it will be perfect..

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