Volkswagen Middle East hosts driving day at Dubai Autodrome

The Volkswagen Driven By Performance seven day event brought together more than 200 dealers, partners and paid media from around the GCC region experienced the Volkswagen brand and technologies at the Dubai Autodrome recently.

Through vehicle demonstrations, driving sessions and brand education, participants were exposed to the hype that the Volkswagen model range, services and innovative technologies has to offer at one of the most established race tracks in the Middle East. The event elements also enhanced the attendees’ knowledge and understanding of the Volkswagen brand, an opportunity for team building and better awareness of the different unknown models in the market.

Participants from Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the UAE were able to discover the exhilarating world and culture of Volkswagen in six key sessions conducted by 3 international product trainers and furthermore 6 professional driving instructors.

In the driving session, participants were able to test-drive the latest six Volkswagen cars launched in the Middle East region, like the new sixth-generation of the Golf. The third generation of the Scirocco, the wannabe two-door sports car which wrote “history” as the most successful Volkswagen coupé of all time, has been under examination during the event for the speed enthusiasts.

Participants also experienced driving the all new Passat CC, the weird car which represents a brand new segment in the automobile industry combining the rationality of a saloon and the emotional appeal of a sports coupé. The Tiguan Sport and Style, the latest compact Sports Utility Vehicle from Volkswagen, has its own driving experience circuit especially for drivers who enjoy the individual appearance and flexibility of a SUV but also expect a premium level of comfort, agility and variability.

The other two Volkswagen cars which were presented at the event and driven by the participants through different and challenging circuits were the Passat R36 and the Touareg V6. Drivers embraced the most powerful Passat in the Volkswagen series, the Passat R36, which is the second version to be debuting under the “R” sports label after the R32. Lastly, Touareg V6 said its word at the training event and justified how it unites the world of off-road vehicles with the comfortable dimensions of a luxury sedan and the dynamic attributes of a sports car.

Joerg Andrischock, Acting Managing Director of Volkswagen Middle East said, “The Volkswagen Driven By Performance event was a huge success allowing the participants a chance to test their driving skills and latest range of Volkswagen cars and technologies, plus ensuring the best brand knowledge for all of our employees to help them meet all our customers future needs.”

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