Dubai RTA driving simulator for learners

Dubai RTA driving simulator for learners

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority is introducing a driving simulator for learner drivers. Apparently it is the first of its kind in the UAE, if not the GCC, and will be an additional learning tool alongside actual training on the road.

The licensing agency of the Dubai RTA will use the ‘vehicle’ simulator to help assess the abilities of learners. It is supposedly the only system in the world that uses vehicles physically.

The vehicle is driven using a steering wheel with mobile monitors on both sides of the vehicle to reflect the driving speed. The technology is different from other simulator technologies as it gives the driver a “real” feel of road conditions and enables an assessment of their performance without risking the life of the trainee or other road users.

It can also give the trainee driver a performance report, with aerial photos of the vehicle on simulated roads.

The Dubai RTA is preparing a plan with driving institutes on how to adopt the simulator.

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  1. Will they put in big black 4WDs racing down SZR at rush hour as well?

    That will be great practice for anyone who wants to drive in Dubai…

  2. I agree….^^^^

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