Peugeot Oman service rated among Peugeot top five

Peugeot Oman’s Service Department offers their client a unique experience of service excellence and efficiency. In fact, the suite of services and unexpected delights that the Peugeot Service Department provides make for such a lasting impression that internationally, Peugeot’s service department in Oman are now regarded as one of their top five, worldwide, in terms of the levels of service offered.

Ongoing training of all staff covering a variety of areas ensures that customers receive the best advice, service and value for money available.

Peugeot Oman are committed to continue enhancing the technical skills and capacity of their staff by maintaining a rigorous internal and manufacturer training schedule, all to make certain that the customer experience is personal, professional and meets expectations.

The new service facility also boasts a new and unique express service facility that caters to those clients requiring urgent attention while on the go. This makes for a hassle free experience and allows Peugeot owners to continue with the business of day to day life.

European Motors Service Department, part of Zubair Automative Group is situated in Athaiba, Muscat in Oman.

“European Motors is committed to customer satisfaction and this award signifies that we are just getting started in becoming the best Peugeot service provider worldwide and our clients continue to be pivotal to our continued growth and success,” stated James Oliver, the brand’s General Manager.

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