Mercedes-Benz Middle-East launches management training programme

Daimler Middle East & Levant (DMEL), in conjunction with Sewells Consulting Group and the University of Melbourne, has introduced the Advanced Dealer Management Programme that aims to equip staff from Mercedes-Benz Distributors across the region with first class automotive retail management skills.

“The aim of the ADM programme is to combine professional skill development with a critical awareness of the issues involved in leading and managing an automotive dealership, with a particular emphasis on Performance Management,” said Mr. Rolf Seyerle, Senior Manager, Network Development, DMEL. “The programme will take approximately eight months and participants will be registered in The University of Melbourne, one of Australia’s leading universities.”

This management training program is another step taken by DMEL towards improving the knowledge of prospective managers as well as upgrading competencies to ensure that Mercedes-Benz partners in the Middle East and Levant meet customer expectations with customer satisfaction as an ultimate goal.

“Automotive retail management is a complex task that requires experience and a solid body of knowledge,” added Mr. Ma’n Al-Hamawi, Retail Consultancy Manager, DMEL. “The mission becomes harder in volatile markets like the ones we are currently witnessing. Therefore, we feel that the time is right to further equip our network with the right tools for effective retail management and have tied up with two of the best knowledge institutions in the market to achieve this goal.”

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