Mini Cooper celebrates 50th anniversary

Mini Cooper celebrates 50th anniversary

Mini Cooper 50th anniversary
The BMW-owned Mini brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary by launching a pair of Mini Cooper models to commemorate the milestone. Dubbed the 50 Mayfair and the 50 Camden, Mini launched the limited-edition models at the marque’s 50th birthday party at the United Festival at Silverstone in Britain.

The Mini 50 Mayfair is a throwback to the 1982 model of the same name and is available in hot-chocolate, pepper-white and midnight-black. Whatever the colour, the Mayfair is set off by a white roof. The Mayfair also features unique badging celebrating MINI’s 50th anniversary and the brand’s best stereo option. The 50 Mayfair package is available on all Mini models, including Cooper, Convertible and Clubman, for one year starting from September.

The Mini 50 Camden model is named after the UK borough and is available in white-silver, midnight-black and blue-metallic, all with a contrasting white roof. The Camden’s 17-inch wheels are also unique to the model. Like the Mayfair model, the Camden sports a grille-mounted 50th anniversary badge and is available on all MINI versions.

There are no plans to sell either “50” model in the UAE or any other GCC country. For local pricing information on the standard model, visit the Mini Cooper buyer guide.

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  1. i noticed that this car is selling in good amounts in europe countries…especially UK..maybe this is the reason we dont have any special editions here…and the speedo looks so stupid.

  2. It is one of the gayest things on the road..

    It is a shame when car makers design and market cars like they are funky mobile phones or funky god knows what..

  3. I just love mini cooper. .its sooooo cute and cool. .:P

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