Car detailing at Yellow Hat Dubai

Car detailing at Yellow Hat Dubai

Last year, I got my Jeep detailed at Yellow Hat in Dubai’s Times Square Mall. While I obviously had it done for free as part of our partnership, the full-detail job actually costs a relatively-low Dhs 750, including the exterior, interior and engine. I was always interested in seeing what they had to offer for this low price.


They started off by taping up the rubber bits, and then proceeded to polish the exterior with an electric rotary buffer. That’s about as far as I hung around for the exterior bit.


A second crew had already started work on the interior with a brush and a vacuum, digging at the nooks and crannies of the doors.


They do go as far as they can under the seats and all over the floor, but they did not remove the seats. The Jeep has a conveniently-foldable rear bench that had all sorts of food left there by the previous owner, and this too was cleaned up.


The dashboard was cleaned up of all dust and looked nearly new later, although little bits of age-old grease did remain on some of the buttons. The leather seats were given a shine, but the leather wrinkles were not worked on, which would’ve been a full-on restoration job.


The engine bay had the thickest layer of dust, as seen above, and it was cleaned up decently along the surface, but they did not go too deep between the components.


In an anti-climactic review, I did not take photos of the Jeep after the job was done. A few days later, the car was dirty again, but now my 7-year-old 4×4 looks like it is only a couple of years old after every wash, thanks to the shiny polish job, as seen in the photo above. Even the alloy wheels looked much brighter than before, and the interior was cleaner than ever. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, this was more of a quick detail rather than a full restoration, so all the deeper scratches remained on the paint, the leather was as wrinkly as before, and the deeper parts of the engine were still dusty. To go that far in fixing up your ride, you’d have to pay hundreds more than the Dhs 750 that this quickie cost.

What do you think?



  1. check out sara auto care they do an excellent job and they go deep into the engine bay too. pricing is same!
    ive heard good things about proshine also.
    i didnt like yellowhat too much cause i think they went a bit overboard with the wax, or maybe its just me lol

  2. Author

    Excess wax on the outside? Didn’t have that issue. I was also glad they didn’t use that shiny spray on my interior that is used at Emarat/Eppco car-wash places.

  3. That interior spray spoilt the soft plastic on my santa fes dash..This when combined with very hot summer heat resulted in the dash looking like some one had applied wax on to it!! cheap stuff, always stop them before they use that stuff,wish i knew that before i let them spray it on!!

  4. Do they have a full restoration for the interiors? My leather is starting to look a little bad and I want to get it restored before it is too late!

  5. hey mash is that ur merc in the pic it looks its frnt suspension is tilted on the left.. 😯

  6. Author

    Nitin, YH does not do restoration

    Cayanide, there is a deep manhole cover there so one wheel is lower than the others.

  7. Wish you had posted the cleaned engine pics too 🙁

  8. nice stuff here…and ya…i want to see some good pics after the job 😉

  9. u could avail for the complete valeting from the authorised dealer and chk out the warranty and the outcome ,just marvelous,i had my 1993 camry done ,all onlookers never believed it was a1993 spec

  10. hey those are mash cars in the first picture… I see a MB190… i used to have one long time ago when i was at the university same color and all.. mine was 2.6…is that also the same?…

  11. hello mash, I just bought a car. can you or anyone please tell me where to get a complete interior restoration of 2007 camry (new shape). many things are broken such as the ac buttons, cup holders etc. The color of the area surrounding the buttons has faded as well. I want my car to look decent, its in a very big mess right now (only from inside).

  12. Author

    you can’t do anything except buy new parts and replace them.

  13. One of the best detailing centres in Dubai, in my opinion is 3C which is in Al Quoz. They use Meguiars products and do a fantastic job with a lot of attention to detail.

    Cheers !

  14. where is this 3c in alquoz? any contact info?

  15. I would definitely recommend Zain Car Clean & Polishing for anyone looking for car detailing work. I tried the others (Proshine, Sara, etc) and these guys were by far the best value for money and also provide a pick up and drop off service which is helpful if you work and don’t get time to drop it off yourself. I would definitely give these guys a shot – excellent quality of work as well. Tel 04-3200885 or Mob 056 1251856.

  16. I have also used Zain Car Cleaning – they are really good – they actually know what they are doing unlike some of the others I spoke to in Dubai and use leading products like Meguiars. I have recommended them to lots of friends and have not had any negative feedback as yet.

  17. is this Yellow hat store the one loated in times square??

  18. yeah..ok.. just realised it is…. you can ignore my previous msg…

  19. Forget Yellow Hat and the others – I did not honestly find their service good. I just tried Zain Car Clean and they are 1st class in terms of quality and price. I was particularly impressed as they managed to remove ink stains on my upholstery!!!

  20. What?? YH does not remove the seats for detailing!! There is no way you can get the car fully clean from inside without removing the seats. Most good detailing shops will remove the seats and fully shampoo the floor and upholstery. No way am I trying these guys based on this article.

    • hi there im just looking in most of dubai detailing shop and work is not 100% good can u look at my website and see who im but im wiling to go dubai and open this kind of business and im doing more this services for 26 years since 1985 can u help me and tell what is the coast for dtailing in/out car thank u

  21. I completely agree not using Yellow Hat based on this article. I used Proshine previously but the guys actually broke my electronic sun shade…argggh….are refused to do anything about it!!! Its hard to find a good place thats reliable and know what they are doing.

  22. My jeepcherokee ltd version has problems with the doors, the window panes slide down, the child lock doesnt get unlocked, the music system vibrates at high volume.. want a good and economical mechanic other than TEntrprises.. any help?

  23. Author

    ^Any roadside garage can fix those. All you need to do is buy the right parts, available from 1st Industrial Street (BMW road) in Sharjah. Ask the mechanic what’s needed.

  24. Final Touch also do a very decent job in detailing. They use Meguiars, fantastic service… you can contact then on 04-3404455

  25. I beg to differ Mohammad. Final Touch are rubbish. I called them and the guy quoted me 800 Dhs for my prado and than simultaneously shouted “I give you discount -come here”. I asked how much and he said “ok no problem I give you discount – come”. I asked how long it would take and he said “4 hours”. I asked how they could clean/wash the seats and have them dry in that time and he said “the seats will be wet”. I said I don’t want wet seats he said “ok no problem 6 hours”. I can’t trust someone with my car that can’t even tell me the price or the time it will take. Final Touch are completely rubbish.

  26. I beg to differ Mohammed. Final Touch are completely rubbish. I called and asked for a price for my Prado and the guy said “800 Dhs” and simultaneously shouted “you come I give you discount”. I said how much of a discount and he said “no problem I give you discount”. I asked how long the work would take and he said “4 hours”. I asked how they could clean/wash my seats and have them dry in 4 hours and he said “the seats will be wet”. I said I don’t want my seats to be wet (who does?) and he said “ok no problem 6 hours”. Even by Dubai’s standard the customer service was very poor. As you can imagine I went elsewhere.

  27. Dunno about Final Touch but I would warn anyone against using Crystal Shine. Terrible service and frankly the only thing polished is their sales technique and marketing….which I unfortunately fell for. Never again.

  28. I found Zain car care really good. Lower prices than the rest and I found they had more experience with car detailing than others as well. Also I liked that they picked up and dropped off my car on the same day. I found them through google –

  29. I am trying to go to Zain detail plus. I have Mercedes C Class (2008 model), but rear seats are not clean. Hope they will fix it well without issues in my mind after inside detailing. By the way they asked for 350 Dhs for inside detailing and for complete detailing (inside / outisde / some-engine stuff) for 600 Dhs. It also includes pick-up and drop of service, but I cannot believe any body to take my car and drive (at least this is what i feel).

  30. Thanks Shahid. I went with Zain recently after doing my research on other places. I have a 2009 Cayenne and went for the full works which set me back 850 Dhs. I went for additional options and had my car clayed and also had them buff it with Meguiars carnauba wax as I am fan of that product for protection and how deep it makes my car colour look. Anyway was very pleased with the results so thanks for the recommendation. I drove my car down but got them to drop it off to my home in the evening and found that aspect of their service really convenient.

  31. These guys at Sara have done lot of guerilla marketing, it seems.

  32. can some one recomend me perfect work shop with resonable price ,i got toyota fj , recently door damage with approximtley 1 meter deep scratch at parking and idont know where to go ,is it possible to fix it without painting whole door , and without decolouration i would appreceaite your positive response guys ,thank you

  33. Just bought a brand new Ford Explorer, any one can advise where can I get it laminated with paint sealant ie., protection for external paint, windscreen and upholstery seats and
    How much will it cost me ?

    • I would recommend 3M protective films. Regarding the seats, you could buy a seat cover.. 🙂 Honestly, I havent heard of any seat protection. I could be wrong and probably the other folk here could chip in with their suggestions..

  34. can anyone recommend car external modification like body kits at reasonable price. my car is dodge caliber.

  35. I cleaned my car first in HANDY MANNY – NEVER AGAIN! THE WORST CLEANING COMPANY IN DUBAI! Unprofessional staff, cleaning job been done half way, delayed… If you used or using HANDY MANNY please make sure then you properly check your car before you paid the bill. Second time I went to YELLOW HAT – amazing job.

  36. Ultimate Shine = Ultimate Rubbish.
    This place should be educated in false advertising and Cobone should know better than to sell their service.
    1. The pictures they advertise are not of their garage which incidentally looks like a cesspit.
    2. Their 1 year guarantee is worthless. If you tell them even 5 days after the detail that the polishing has faded its not covered in the guarantee!

  37. Have you tried Sara Auto Care, in Al Quose. I think its value for money. Also deal with a lot of car dealerships.Been in the market for almost 14 years now…….

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