Video of the week: 4×4 versus small car

Despite advances in safety among compact cars, research is continuing to prove that passengers in a 4×4 are more likely to survive than those in a small compact car in a high-speed crash. But it seems there is legislation coming that would make SUVs “softer” in a bid to reduce the damage done when retards take out innocent people with their tinted 4x4s while talking on the phone with one foot on the dash. Of course, if you drive a small car, you can practice defensive driving instead, to save your money and your life.

What do you think?



  1. Scary!!!

    My uncle recently had a Van ram into the side of his Galant…his car spinned 3 times while the van over turned….luckily no one was killed….

  2. Sounds just like the test shown in the video.

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