BMW Z4 2009 at Dubai and UAE dealerships

BMW Z4 2009 at Dubai and UAE dealerships

BMW’s Dubai dealerships are now offering the all-new GCC-spec 2009 BMW Z4. The new model comes with three engine choices and a standard folding hard-top convertible roof, while also moving up a class in the roadster market.

The 2009 Z4 offers 306 hp in turbocharged sDrive35i trim, 258 hp in sDrive30i trim, and 204 hp in sDrive23i trim. More details were released earlier, in its world debut.

While the new roadster is more practical and better-looking than the outgoing Z4, it would seem that the range has lost the plot, starting off with a pure driving experience in its original Z3 generation, and now completing its transformation into yet another overweight fashion cruiser, even if it does handle and accelerate impressively. There is already talk of a new Z2 model to bring back the essence of the original Z3.

It also marks the demise of two separate roadster and coupe models, moulding it into one offering. There will be no M-Sport model due to the recession, but one can expect a whole host of M-branded factory body-kits to be offered eventually.

Keep track of the BMW Z4 buyer guide for UAE’s AGMC dealer pricing info at a later date.

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  1. atlast very Good looking z4

  2. what no MMMMMMMMMM?????? thats like not having the landcruiser in white color!!!

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