Ford Mustang & Dodge Challenger by U.S. Air Force

Ford Mustang & Dodge Challenger by U.S. Air Force

Air Force Dodge Challenger
American tuner Galpin Auto Sports created two customs, one out of the Ford Mustang GT and the other using a Dodge Challenger. Both cars were commissioned by the U.S. Air Force. The military plans to show them around during their 2009 Super Car Tour, used to attract young men in a recruitment drive.

Air Force Ford Mustang

The matte-white Ford Mustang X-1 is saddled with a heavy body kit on the outside, with vertical-opening doors, but the interior is more interesting, modelled after a fighter jet cockpit. The coupe seats one, even has an ejection seat. Pedals are on either side of the centre console, with a “flight” stick in the middle to replace the steering wheel. Three “advanced instrumentation panels” cover the dashboard, with monitors to show night-vision and thermal-imagery. The 4.6-litre V8 gets Ford Racing heads to up the power to 500 hp.

The matte-black Dodge Challenger Vapor supposedly has a “radar-absorbing” stealth paintjob. It even has a stealth exhaust to drive the car in near-silence, but the driver can open the headers to create an aggressive exhaust racket. The Vapor even requires biometric verification using scanners to gain entry to the cabin. The Challenger seats two, and can project night-vision and thermal images onto the windshield. The car can even be controlled via remote control via the internet.

The mods for these cars are likely not available to the general public.

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  1. Cool..looks like Batman stuff.

  2. Is it real or just concepts..

  3. concepts

    it for the F&F fans to join the army

    but now from what I heard in some US news that they are recruiting low quality soliders. Dont know why. Even some are gang memeber and criminals with record which long time wasnt suppose to enter the army

  4. cool…. love the charger….!!

  5. Its a Dodge Challenger not a Charger

  6. @ tartooob… thanks man….

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