Volvo C70 2010 convertible caught on streets

Volvo C70 2010 convertible caught on streets

A member of the Swedespeed forums managed to take camera-phone photos of the 2010 Volvo C70 during the filming of a TV commercial for the facelifted convertible model.


After all the overdone hype by Volvo over the “redesigned” Volvo S60 concept, it would seem that the flop Swedish manufacturer will simply be applying a facelift to the front-end of the C70 and S60, leaving the rest of the car largely the same as the previous version.

For UAE prices and specs of the current version of the hard-top convertible, visit the Volvo C70 buyer guide.

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  1. I like Volvo cars…though wish they were cheaper…

  2. I don’t like it, something is not right with it… not balace or something…

  3. @ Bashar, wait untill you see it in person, i mean so many cars looks weird in photos and on papers but in person they look better… but i agree that its might be unbalance.

  4. Chinese crap nowdays,front looks awful.

  5. Volvo parts being made in Malayasia which last time I checked is NOT china yet. Factories not yet up in China & Volvo in Sweden says only Volvo’s made in China will be sold in China. Volvo’s going to USA still made in Sweden. Cost is so high because the Dollar is NOT worth very much compared to the Euro. Mercedes & BMW’s cost major $$$ to but none of you complain about that! Still like the Volvo S80 for safety my wife drives one.. Although Ford/Volvo/Lincoln IP now streams through all the cars now built & will continue for next 3 years. Ford seemed to get rid of Volvo & Jaguar in the same fashion.. Power & Transmissions will be built by Ford for the next 10 years. So they don’t care if they sold it cause they will still retain the parts business…for years.. In terms of the C70 it is overpriced.. best to get one off lease after original owner then get CPO warranty on it for next 3yr/100K miles. All these 2 seater convertibles.. MB, Lexus,Infiniti Volvo,VW all use the same Convertible Hardtop in their cars..

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